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Satisfaction 1720, written by Erlend Loe and directed by Henrik Ruben Genz

Satisfaction 1720, written by Erlend Loe and directed by Henrik Ruben Genz

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The other name of this film is:

-          Tordenskjold & Kold

And it is an interesting offering.
It seems to be a production with participation from all Nordic countries, even I am not sure.

And then there are some negative references to Norwegians in the dialogue, but it could only be a view held in 1720.
This is the year when a piece is signed.

Tordenskjold is a 29 year old vice admiral.
His exploits during the campaign are impressive, even if they are disputed, by adversaries obviously and detractors.

The young hero seems to have experienced Flow, as described in his psychology classic by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi.
War and the consequent victory have presented the character with peak experience, placed him “in the zone”.

But keeping it within the realm of psychology, there is a challenge now that in our world is very commonly described by the rat race.
People get through school and say- I will be happy when I pass the exam, then when I get good grades…

This needs to be continued by accession to University, then again good grades, followed by a good job.
Promotions are then sought after, a car, another better one and more promotions until we realize that this was all futile, mostly.

In the case of the vice admiral, the excitement of war has to be replaced with something that will bring some pleasure.
He does talk in various circles about the campaign, his initiative, that some call disobeying orders and resulting success.

It could be a surrogate and reminiscence, a re-living of grandiose moments that provides a feeling of happiness.
He is admired as a hero and, as happens today with rock stars and other celebrities, women want to be close to him.

In one particular case, a young lady sleeps with the hero and he is trying to make her admit to liking him.
But he is somehow reprimanded, for the woman says that she only slept with him because he was the famous hero.

-          But what about me? Don’t you find me attractive?
-          If you weren’t Tordenskjold, I would have never slept with you

Another time, a partner of sexual games has a few conditions for the vice admiral to fulfill before and if they are to have sex.
He is not happy with the request that he first washes himself and then face more rules and protests that he wants to go ahead and f**k…

-          Have you slept with a woman?
-          What question is that?! I have been with many women
-          No! You have only made love with yourself!!

An interesting point, feminist and real, if men used to be so selfish-perhaps many still are, especially in places where they do not even let the women drive or wear clothes that they want, never mind about listening or doing what they want- even if I wonder how veracious the dialogue could be given the date- 1720.

Kold is the valet of the vice admiral and for a time they behave as friends, until Tordenskjold makes a scene and asks his servant to act like one and stop being so familiar and obnoxious…get out and sit in your place.
They start travelling through Denmark and then on to Germany, where the vice admiral is challenged to a duel.

This is surrounded by mystery and the film proposes a version wherein the hero wants pistols, but the opponent knows that the vice admiral is deadly with them and confesses to a conspiracy and wants to be saved.

Very interesting film.

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