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Le Rayon Vert aka Summer, written by Éric Rohmer in collaboration with Marie Rivière and directed by the former, 9 out of 10

Le Rayon Vert aka Summer, written by Éric Rohmer in collaboration with Marie Rivière and directed by the former
9 out of 10

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Summer is just one of a group of films written and directed by Éric Rohmer that have received a wide acclaim.
A number of them, including Le Rayon Vert have been included on The New York Times’ Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made

The motion picture won the Golden Lion at the 1986 Venice Film Festival, together with the Best Actress Prize.

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Marie Rivière has the role of Delphine, on whose lines she has worked with the fabulous writer and director of the film

She seems to be a depressed, negative young woman and we see her crying a few times in the narrative.

Delphine could be used in positive psychology lessons to show students what happens when one is pessimistic.
If positive, optimistic people have the benefit of a longer, healthier life, with more private and professional success, the opposite is true for negative individuals.

The contrast is evident when Delphine meets with a young, attractive and topless blonde Swedish woman.
She is a tourist in France, on the way to Spain and enjoying the moment, applying the smart, positive principle of

-          Carpe diem

She is very communicative, perhaps a she does talk a bit too much, but she is basking in the sun and enjoying life.
When two young men talk to the French and Swedish girls, the latter is easy going and open, while Delphine…starts weeping.

Delphine is not the epitome of the negative character, someone we feel bad about and want to see out of the picture.
She is a complex girl and she express a very ethical, moral and compassionate stand on food, at a table with friends.

Delphine is ahead of her time, for she is against the killing of animals to have them served as cooked meat.
The other companions are enjoying platefuls of cutlets and sausages and disagree with her views.

But in a hundred years’ time, people will look back at this film and wonder how carnivores could be so cruel.
Ultimately it is very inhumane.

Delphine is a witness to a talk about:

-          Le Rayon Vert

Some people discuss the sunset and the impression we have about the sun, just before the dark of night.
There is a rather interesting, scientific and somewhat sophisticated explanation regarding the rays which are not straight.

The fact is that the last ray of sunshine is…Green.

The poster with the couple and the rayon vert

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