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The Last Supper by Dan Rosen

The Last Supper by Dan Rosen

A group of friends start cleaning the world and eliminating potential Hitlers, organizing their own mock trials and courts of martial Justice, pronouncing the death sentence and executing guilty parties in their own house.

This film is a dark tragic comedy, a meditation on excess, libertarianism pushed to an extreme, what to do with fundamentalists, who has the right to pronounce, pass sentences.
To begin with, one of the friends brings to the house a stranger, who is invited to eat with the five young people and they soon start a heated argument, for the visitor is an obnoxious, repellent and violent man, racist and nationalistic, asking rhetorical questions like:

If America would fight a war with Israel, who would you fight for- question addressed to the friend who declared he is Jewish and for the African American:

"If America fights with Africa...
Africa is a continent
I know that"

The vicious, repugnant personage portrayed by Bill Paxton is suddenly threatening with a knife first one and then another of the hosts, only to be stabbed to death and then buried in the garden, with tomatoes on top of this and other graves.
Because this initial accident, a case of self defense in many ways, which generated a controversy and arguments, with one girl willing and ready to call the police and others arguing against this, is followed by a series of killings, transforming the group into what could arguably be called mass killers.

True, most if not all the invited guests who become victims and dead bodies hold very strong, heinous views, but is this enough to eliminate them, after kangaroo trials, which actually involve some discussions and opposite views expressed around a table and the infamous bottles of wine- green for the good one and blue for the deadly potion?
One man is so disgusting as to propose that there is no rape, the women that are victims of these horrendous attacks are in fact willing and they just don't know it, it is deep in their subconscious or some such awful explanation is presented at table and it is enough for the Court Martial to reject his "defense", consider his case a capital offense and give him the poisoned wine from the blue recipient and then bury the corpse near the house.

A preacher says that AIDS is the "solution" for homosexuality, which he calls sodomy and a deadly sin, involving the elimination of the gay people, which God definitely wants, according to this unforgiving, ultimately unchristian man.
He knows no tolerance, has no sympathy for human beings- corrupted as he thinks that are and offending God with their "unnatural" ways- and he is therefore consider a danger to society, one of these Hitlers on the rise that have to be eliminated before they are responsible for genocide.

Another case for prosecution involves a woman who is so determined to fight against abortion- "pro life" - that she states that those who support and commit abortions have to be killed.
Her situation is clear, sentence is passed quickly and if she only wants to kill others, or just says she would, it is enough for this group to eliminate her.

There is so much absurdity, ridicule in these confrontations and executions- plus the unforeseen, clever and surprising end- that jocularity pervades quite a few dialogues and one wonders what would have happened, if these people met Trump and the boisterous, ranting, vociferous, racist, lying, unjust, demagogue who ruined the lives of so many, harassed women and bragged about grabbing genitals on record.
Certainly, most of the guests in the house are typical Trump voters, with conservative or one could say silly views on various subjects ranging from emigration, race relations, women's role.

Alas, there is also a young girl who falls victim, even if they should have passed her out, for she was incredibly foolish, probably stupid in her positions and vehemence, but not a future Hitler...or, who knows?
In a polarized world, this is a film which is thought provoking, invites meditation on radical views.

Bill Maher, the excellent comedian and thinker, argues that democrats must fight with republican methods and he holds views that are too far to the left for many, including the undersigned.
But it is very difficult to comprehend the vote for Trump, without reference to lack of solid education, barbaric views, outrageous behavior, distorted values, stupidity, vicious characters, craziness, heinous personalities, some of the above combined or all.

If that might be true, it is also wrong to pass absolute judgments, sentence the culprits and not take into account their -maybe serious- disabilities.
Vigilantes can be caught, surprised, tricked and perhaps killed in their turn by...other vigilantes.

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