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Crazy Heart, based on the novel by Thomas Cobb

Crazy Heart, based on the novel by Thomas Cobb

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Crazy Heart is an acclaimed film.
It won two Academy Awards, including one for:

-          Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, for Jeff Bridges.

A Golden Globe rewarded the same actor.

Indeed, Jeff Bridges, or Jeffrey Leon Bridges comes from a family of actors:
Son of Lloyd Bridges and brother of Beau Bridges.

Jeffrey Leon can play any role with equal talent and charisma

He has been a rough cowboy in True Grit and a free spirit, funny liberal in The Big Lebowsky.
I rather prefer characters in the mold of The Dude.

In fact, the character he plays in Crazy Heart has something rather repulsive.
He is Bad Blake, a country singer past his prime.

Bad Blake does justice to his nickname.
He drinks way too much and has been a bad man.

Bad Blake has not called his son in twenty four years!
At one point, in order to get alcohol he loses the boy he was responsible for.

Having highlighted some of the serious issues with the hero, one must add that he is an artist.
His creativity is famous and acclaimed.

Tommy Sweet is played by Colin Farrell.
He is also a country singer, who had been launched by Bad Blake.

We learn that the two had been supposed to work together, only for Tommy to abandon ship.
He says that he wanted to save his marriage.

Tommy Sweet is at the peak of his career and would pay -does - pay good money for songs created by the gifted former mentor.
Bad Blake is reduced to opening the concert of his former pupil.

Fifty seven years old, the singer is forced to perform in bars mostly.
He comes on stage drunk and nauseating.

But there is hope.
And it comes in the attractive form and shape of Jean Craddock, portrayed excellently by Maggie Gyllenhaal.
The actress was nominated for an Oscar for this role.

-          I once listened to The Bell Jar read by her.
-          And it was pure magic.

Jean is the niece of a piano player that sings with Bad Blake.
And she wants an interview with the former star.

After the second part of this session of questions and some answers, the two see that they are attracted to each other.
The romance would offer both hope.

Jean has a son and the boy has not seen but a few men.
The young woman feels lonesome.

And the only way for the alcoholic, sick man is down.
Without a major change that is.

Jean could change all that.
But old habits die hard they say.

Furthermore, after a car accident that highlighted the poor health of the country singer, a doctor gives him few options:

You need to stop smoking and drinking.
And you need to lose twenty five pounds

Otherwise, a heart attack, cancerous something else will kill you.

-          What will Bad Blake do?
-          Well, he keeps smoking and drinking...

There is a familiar attempt with AA.

This film has been highly praised by the critics for good reason.

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