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Mad Dog and Glory, written by Richard Price

Mad Dog and Glory, written by Richard Price
8 out of 10

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Mad Dog and Glory is an excellent film.
It combines very well elements of comedy, drama and it is also a crime story.

Two of the best actors in the world lead the cast:

-          Robert de Niro and Bill Murray

Uma Thurman, David Caruso and Mike Starr contribute with their performances.
Robert de Niro is a policeman.

Wayne Dobie is nicknamed Mad Dog.
His duty is to take photographs at the scene of a crime.

But he wants to be an artist.
As the tagline explains:

-          “A cop who'd rather be an artist.
-          A mobster who'd rather be a comic.
-          And a woman who'd rather be anywhere but between them.”

After saving Frank Milo’s life, Mad Dog’s life gets complicated.
Frank Milo is a gangster played by Bill Murray.

The accomplished, wonderful actor transforms Milo into a complex character, perhaps not unlike Milo Minderbinder.
Obviously, the prominent side of the mobster is the violent, ruthless aspect and the tough manner he deals with people.

-          He kills those he does not like and abuses those that he finds interesting

In order to express his gratitude for being saved, Frank Milo offers a rather outlandish, extraordinary gift.
Mad Dog receives…Glory.

Glory is portrayed by the tall, attractive and wondrous Uma Thurman, who has to stay with Mad Dog for a while.
The policeman is the opposite of a tough guy and does not know what to do in the circumstances with the “gift”.

Sending her back would be an option, but considering who the “owner” is, the solution is probably not the best one.
But Mad Dog is a shy man and he is embarrassed by the presence of a sexy, gorgeous woman that has to pleasure him:

-          “Glory: Going to Frank is like taking heroin to cure an alcohol problem, ya know?”

Glory starts telling her stories to Mad Dog and the two of them become close and start a relationship- the title refers to them after all
Wayne Dobie is actually a charming man and all he needed was a woman in his life to achieve happiness.

In a very funny scene, he sings:

-          “I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go
People know the part I'm playing
Paid for every dance, selling each romance
Ooh, and they're sayin'…
I ain't got nobody
Nobody cares for me
Nobody cares for me
I'm so sad and lonely…”

After the time of the “Glory rental” has passed, Frank Milo comes to collect his “object of beauty”, for he sees the woman not as a human being with rights, desires and personality, but as an object to be used.

I will not say what happens when the confrontation takes place and we reach a climax to be expected.

But I loved the film

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