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Note on Les Saisons aka Seasons, written (with Stephane Durand) and directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud 9 out of 10

Note on Les Saisons aka Seasons, written (with Stephane Durand) and directed by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud
9 out of 10

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Les Saisons is a great documentary.
Notwithstanding the fact that the theme is familiar.

A few months ago, BBC Earth was celebrating the career of the world wide famous producer, presenter

-          David Attenborough

Many decades ago, David Attenborough has started making extraordinary films about:

-          Wild Life, State of the Planet, Planet Earth, Africa, Life in Cold Blood and so many, many more subjects

Les Saisons has a similar, if not exactly the same subject.
But it is nevertheless fascinating and so relevant in the world of today.

With climate change threatening the very existence of mankind, one of the most, if not the Most Important themes is:

-          The survival of our planet

Only yesterday, the leader of the free world and president of the country with the largest economy has announced that:

-          USA is pulling out of the Paris accord on climate change

Since America is responsible for a huge quantity of CO2 emissions, this is very serious for all of us and the planet.
Hillary Clinton is right in calling this criminal decision:

-          ‘A mistake of historical proportions”

Seasons does not deal with the fate of the earth exclusively.
In fact, it is a very enjoyable entertainment because it shows so much of the glory of the Natural World:

-          We see fox cubs, deer babies, wolves and their offspring, fighting bears, a wolf pack attacking a wild horse

Some of the filming is spectacular.
I have never seen a chase through the woods that is moving on so fast and is filmed at the same time with a moving camera.

When it happens in the savanna, in the BBC, Discovery and other channels documentaries, one can see the procedure.
One or a few cars can drive around and follow the cheetah, lions or hyenas as they hunt, but in the forest?

-          How do they do that

The documentary Seasons explores the early connections between man and the Natural World, animals and nature.
There are touching scenes, such as the girl who is watching the life of the young animals and the first domestications.

Wolfs approach the human camp and eat the food that is given, making the first steps into one of the strongest bonds:

-          Between men and their dogs

I think enlightening films like this one have a paramount importance and they may serve to educate more people.
To repeat myself, I will be saying that this is an issue of utmost, existential importance and if more humans like Trump think and act the same way, we are doomed.

But if more climate change deniers see this and other films like The Inconvenient Truth they may take a different course…


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