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Ofelas aka Pathfinder, written and directed by Nils Gaup

Ofelas aka Pathfinder, written and directed by Nils Gaup

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Ofelas is the only Norwegian film that I can think of.
And it is a very interesting proposition.

The story is about 1,000 years old.
In the wild territory of Scandinavia, the Tjuder are the villains.

In the opening scenes, a very cute dog is killed with arrows.
Then the family, father, mother and daughter of only about six are murdered.

As he is coming back, the hero can observe from a hill nearby.
He has been skiing, for the entire action takes place in the snow or on ice.

One of his skis is slipping down towards the group of savages.
And they see the boy Aigin.

He makes a miraculous escape, specific to the action films.
And he is shot in the arm by an arrow.

In a nearby village, Aigin falls exhausted.
The community is worried that the Tchude will reach them, once they hear the story.

It seemed a bit insensitive to care little, at least apparently, about the ordeal of the boy and only be concern with the village.
But these are hard times.
There is a dispute within the Lapp village.

The leader and most of the men want to get away from the path of the murderous tribe of Tchude and abandon the village.
Some argue in favor of staying.

There is even a feast fight.
But they pack and go, with the plan to reach the coast where they will be protected from the barbarians.

Actually, they even enjoy the sauna, once they reach a distance, which is a well-known Nordic invention…
Still I thought it rather outré, under the circumstances.

Aigin is left behind alone, or so he thought until three or four men appear and say that they could not just leave.
A confrontation with the big band of killers ensues and the small group acts with courage, but is no match for the superior enemy force.

The old Pathfinder of the community shows up from the woods- he was isolated in the forest on account of his magic power.
Raste tries to create a diversion in order to let Aigin escape, but the plan does not work when he is surrounded by Tchude men.

Seeing the torture inflicted upon the suffering Pathfinder, the boy cannot resist anymore and says to the demons:
I will guide you if you let Raste alone and they agree, saying that once they get to the villagers, the boy can return and untie the Pathfinder.

Only once they get moving, the diabolical leader of this band of sinister men returns to the injured victim and kills him.
The path to the fleeing Lapps is difficult and it means descending a treacherous, slippery path over a mountain.

If Aigin will make it, he becomes the new Ofelas aka Pathfinder, for the conditions are hellish and odds stacked against it.
The boy is brave, resilient, intrepid, gifted, a true warrior and might be capable to find a way to not only escape, but save the villagers.

-          Or so the audience hopes

When they see him, the people who are camped at the bottom, where the women enjoyed a sauna, say that Aigin brings bad luck.
There is also some humor in this interesting movie:

When a man opens the door to the sauna where some twenty women and girls are sweating naked near the fire, he says:

-          I have reached heaven 

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