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Son of a Gun, written –with John Collee- and directed by Julius Avery

Son of a Gun, written –with John Collee- and directed by Julius Avery

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Son of a gun is an Australian production, with some good points.
Cinemax is offering some films from around the globe that can be interesting.

Although not produced in Hollywood, Son of a Gun is not unfamiliar territory.
In fact, there are some works that resemble it and are much better:

-          Shawshank Redemption and Un Prophete

Like the character played by Tim Robbins in the most popular film ever- Shawshank Redemption- JR is a new inmate.
It seems that this is a terrible thing that happens frequently, for young JR is attacked by more seasoned inmates.

As they are on the point of raping him, after having beaten and immobilized the victim, another gang stops them.
This is led by Brendan Lynch.

Ewan McGregor plays this hardened criminal who is facing a very long sentence, on account of serious criminal activity.
Brendan Lynch is Australia’s most notorious criminal.

He wants out of prison and in exchange for his protection, the nearly innocent JR is supposed to help with the escape.

-          Or else…!!

As soon as he is out, JR has to get not just a gun, but a real weapon used in a war from a mad salesman.

He has money from the gang and rents a helicopter that is high jacked and landed within the prison walls.
A diversion and another kidnapping in jail help Brendan Lynch and two other gangsters reach the helicopter.

This Prison Break is not without machine gun fire and engagement with prison guards, but we are familiar with these scenes…

-          Indeed, I do not know of any novelty offered by this Down Under film
-          Maybe everything has been said and done in terms of crime stories

There is a twist that involves the character of Alicia Vikander.
She is Tasha, a woman trying to get an official, legal approval to move to Australia and works for another Godfather in order to get that.

Young JR is soon enamored with Tasha.
But this was also to be expected.

Even if it dangerous to play with the “property” of a high profile mobster, the young are often reckless.
Sam Lennox is proposing a big score that involves gold, a very risky robbery that would be controlled by Brendan Lynch.

The scenario needs to be more complicated and the rivalry between Lennox and Lynch is one aspect of this.
Lennox is trying to manipulate Tasha and make her spy on JR, in order to get insight into the other gang.

But again:

-          All this is familiar territory

The one part of the dialogue that I found more unusual referred to the two types of monkeys that we supposedly come from:

-          Bonobos and chimpanzees

Lynch is talking to JR and trying to make the point that, whereas bonobos try to solve every problem with sex, the chimpanzees are willing to fight.
The bonobos are facing extinction and therefore you have to decide what type of monkey you want to be- words to that effect…

In my view, this movie is not exceptional.

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