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Dressed to Kill, written and directed by Brian de Palma, 7 out of 10

Dressed to Kill, written and directed by Brian de Palma
7 out of 10

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This is a gripping thriller.
It is included on The New York Times’ Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made list:

The writer and director is the acclaimed Brian de Palma, known for

-          Scarface, The Untouchables, Mission: Impossible and other excellent motion pictures

As for the stars, this movie is in a unique position.
Nancy Ellen was nominated for both a prestigious Golden Globe and for a…Razzie Award and the Stinker Bad Movie Award…

Even the fabulous demigod of cinema, Michael Caine has been placed in the embarrassing position of receiving a Razzie nomination.
That is preposterous, for his performance was restrained and challenging, having to play a double role.

After all, Michael Caine has won two Academy Awards and three Golden Globes, with another Twelve nominations for Oscars and Globes!
Obviously, nobody is perfect and given this impressive record, it would be natural, with the wrong script to have a failure.
But this is not the case here.

Michael Caine is Doctor Robert Elliott and Bobby.
Robert Elliott is a psychiatrist.

Kate Miller is one of the patients, complaining about her private life, the sex that she has with her husband.
Unhappy with her marital status and sex life, Kate Miller is encouraged by the analyst to challenge the husband.

The woman meets a stranger in an art gallery and she has what might be a coup de foudre and gets intimate with the man.
It looks like they will have wild sex right in the taxi cab, where panties are off and moaning and panting are in.

After making love with the man, Kate Miller leaves and the elevator is attacked by a woman- apparently.
Slashed repeatedly with a razor, she still moves when the doors open and a man and a woman see her on the floor.

Liz Blake is the witness who has a glimpse at the assassin, in the window of the elevator, just before the door closes.
The detective in charge with the case insists that this Liz Blake is the suspect, because she had the razor in the hand at one point.

During the inquiry, the son of the late Kate Miller, Peter gets involved, spying and listening in on the interrogatory.
He will be crucial in saving the life of the high class escort, this being the “occupation” of the attractive Liz Blake.

The investigator is talking to the doctor and trying to get help from the analyst who is unwilling to cooperate.
Meanwhile, Liz Blake is followed in the subway by the infamous blonde wearing dark glasses and armed with a razor.

Robert Elliot talks about a patient, Bobby, who has taken his razor and is therefore a suspect, but the authorities are not informed.
The audience learns some strange aspects about the patient who wanted a sex change and we immediately make a connection.

Nevertheless, I will not divulge anything beyond a simple suspicion.

The film is good, in spite of the attention it got from the Razzies and the insight into the psychology of the individuals involved is interesting.

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