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Eternite aka Eternity, based on novel by Alice Ferney

Eternite aka Eternity, based on novel by Alice Ferney

If very often resplendent, jubilant and radiant, this film is also extremely sad.

Even if it is not a war drama, so many children and some adults die that one can wonder why?
Happy ending motion pictures can become tiresome and lacking in challenges, but apart from a reasonable conclusion that it is bad to have more than maybe six children, what other messages can we extract?

Maybe that men do not care so much and instead of limiting the number of children to five, they exhaust their wives with so many more, sometimes.
Even when, like in this film, there is love and so much feeling and admiration, care, sensitivity.

Psychological studies have demonstrated that the happiest people have in common not money, wealth, mansions and so on, but a strong social support.
This means that the characters involved in this feature should be living for Eternity, in Paradise.

For they have the strong social support and they are also well off, living I splendid, lavishing surroundings, with a glorious, huge garden and access to the ocean nearby.
One of the men involved in the motion picture is a very talented guitar player and the music, the beauty of the landscape is divine.

Alas, one of the husbands swims in the ocean never to return and many children, more than twenty perhaps, die of various diseases and two teenage boys in the war.
The women of the film are talented, delicate, splendid, brave, resilient, indeed, heroic, if we consider the number of births they have had to go through, the many children they raised and the tragic loss of so many of them...

" A thing of beauty is a joy forever "

This film is like poetry and a moving camera immortalizes outstanding canvas, one thinks of the Impressionists and their chef d'oeuvres.

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