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Megan Leavey, based on a true story

Megan Leavey, based on a true story

This motion picture is based on the true story of a Marine and her sensational dog, Rex.
Kate Mara has the role of the woman from the title, who hopes to and does find some redemption in joining in the United States Armed Forces.

She makes quite a few mistakes to begin with and after a night of drinking, misbehaving and finally urinating in public, she is punished by her sergeant.
Megan has to clean the excrement from the dogs' houses and this is when she becomes interested in these extraordinary animals.

Trainers spot a chance to make a rather strange joke and tell her that she does not need the special, thick trousers when she becomes the bogey man that dogs are trained to attack with.
And she is bitten by the animal, who did not go for the coat, as the amused men had claimed that he always does.

Rex is a special German Shepard, with phenomenal skills, but a creature that does not like the veterinarian, who is indeed very obnoxious.
This outstanding, wonderful companion travels with Megan, who has passed all the tests and required and forms a team now, which would be able to detect bombs, weapons and more.

They arrive in Iraq, where comrades explain about the stray dogs and the many diseases they carry, the need to shoot them (!), if they come close, the repulsion that Arabs feel for the dogs, which somehow part of the tradition, maybe it is also in the Koran somewhere.

Megan Leavey wants to be friendly with a boy who is stopped at a checkpoint with his father and tells him the name of the German Shepard, only to be reprimanded, yet again, by a Marine that warns her...
You think this is nice, but children smaller than this one, use the name to call the dog and blow him and the leader of the team away.

This will happen, although it is not a child and before that, they search a house with maybe hundreds of rugs, where the soldiers find nothing, until Rex enters the stage and discovers an important cache of weapons, automatic rifles, grenades and all the paraphernalia of these evil men.

He is praised as a hero, indeed, that capture translates into many lives saved, Marines and other corps that would have been killed by those who would have gotten the guns, were it not for Great Rex.

This is not all, for the Super Dog has another chance to save his friend and team mate, when they come under heavy fire, they are withdrawing with a Humvee and Megan, who is shell shocked and injured by an explosion, falls from the vehicle, Rex jumps, ready to die, in order to protect his soul mate.
Alas, as Megan retires from the marines, affected and suffering from the injuries, Rex is sent back to Iraq and it is impossible for the woman to adopt him, at the end of his term.

A serious battle ensues, with her superior stating that the dog is a weapon, he can bite a child at anytime and other such objections and with a note from the awful woman veterinarian which classifies Rex as unadoptable.
In her efforts to save the being that would be euthanized without her getting the authorization to take him home, Megan organizes a petition, she gets tens of thousands to sign it, then she participates in television shows where she explains how the dog has saved her life and more importantly, the lives of so many others, how he has served the United States.

The former marine even talks to the Democratic Senator Chuck Schummer and does all she can.

What happens at the end?
Well, maybe you decide to watch this movie and find out.

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