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A Quiet Place by Bryan Woods

A Quiet Place by Bryan Woods

Critics and audiences seem to agree that this is a remarkable film, indeed, especially if you enjoy horror, this might be the motion picture to watch.

This cinephile does not particularly favor this genre, but it must be admitted that the feature is scary enough, the acting is superb, John Krasinski is not only excellent in one of the leading roles, but he also directs with talent.
In the future imagined in this drama, creatures that might remind one of Alien, Signs or other famous movies with – aggressive, vicious – creatures from out of space, there are some monsters that attack humans and presumably animals.

They are blind, but they have an acute sense of hearing, according to the theory of evolution, developed surely to compensate for their lack of sight.
The atmosphere is eerie; the silence that the Abbott family has to maintain ads to the feeling of terror, overwhelming horror and fear of the approaching beats that look like the devil.

Emily Blunt is excellent- as always – in the role of the mother, Evelyn Abbott and equally fascinating are the children, Regan and Marcus, who have to keep quiet even when normal children who scream like hell.
Furthermore, Evelyn is about to give birth, just as one devilish creature comes on the premises – her husband, Lee Abbott aka John Krasinski, and the children are not home.

Whereas the pain of child delivery is extreme, the poor woman cannot as much as whisper with the monster near and ready to kill and presumably eat her and the infant.
When Lee comes home and sees the bath in which there is blood, he thinks for some moments that his spouse has fallen prey to these abominable animals – although, this is a question really:

Are they animals?
Alternatively, perhaps mutants of some kind?

At a certain point, as she is in the fields of corn –was it corn or some other crop? – Regan understands that a device that she has in her ear provokes a fierce reaction in a creature nearby, causing it to flee.
This would be used again, albeit to avoid any spoilers more details would be avoided here.

Again, without compromising information, the father, Lee, takes an incredible stand, becoming a Super Hero, an Ubermensch, role model, but not in the usual, rather ridiculous way, that we see in a multitude of cartoon based mega productions…Avengers, Iron Men and the like.
Lee has almost all the Character Strengths identified by Positive Psychology -

Bravery, vitality, perseverance, Integrity, love, kindness, hope, gratitude, spirituality, modesty, self-sacrifice, forgiveness, prudence, self-regulation, leadership, fairness, perspective, creativity, curiosity, open mindedness.

In addition, the finale is also outstanding.
Even for a person who avoids horror films, this is a remarkable feature.

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