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Legally Blonde, based on the novel by Amanda Brown

Legally Blonde, based on the novel by Amanda Brown

The success of this comedy has been so tremendous that not only has there been a sequel, but also a third installment is announced for a 2020 release and there have been Legally Blondes and a musical production…

On one level, this is just a light comedy about a gifted, if controversial Blonde, who is on one hand extremely smart, but on the other dresses and has mannerisms that are simply preposterous, absurd and ridiculous.
The comedy may wish to demonstrate that appearances deceive – sometimes, they mostly give valuable information about what is there behind – and probably that what you see is not what you get…

The genius of psychology, Malcolm Gladwell has written a classic, quintessential work, Blink – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, wherein he demonstrates that people take decisions using Thin Slicing, in a very short time.
If that is wrong sometimes, still, there are so many domains where this saves lives, it is the recipe of success and anyway, it is the decisive factor at the highest levels, according to the Hardin Effect, presidents are elected based on very little information – see the infamous Trump case- and the CEOs in top 500 Fortune companies are much taller than the average person…

Why is that?
Because a Legally Blonde would have no chance to get the top job at AT&T, say, unless of course, that is the plot for a comedy or we talk 2045.

Reese Witherspoon is remarkable in the role of Elle Woods, the epitome of the Blonde, infatuated with Warner, a rich playboy who has been her boyfriend and whom she expects to propose, as they have dinner one evening.
Alas, he wants to talk about his plans to become a politician, which means “he has to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn” thus making the heartbroken Elle run from the restaurant, terrified by the news.

Nevertheless, this is the Blonde Wonder Woman- brave, resilient, full of vitality, integrity, kind, loving, honest, loyal – when she hears a secret she would not tell no matter what – modest, creative, open minded and more…

She decides that she would get into Harvard, where Warner is going, demonstrate that she is not just good looking, entertaining, but as intelligent as anyone, studies hard, takes over 175 at the all-important admit ion tests and hires the best for her essay.
It is very amusing to see Harvard scholars looking at her video, with its tacky, somewhat absurd, not in any way serious enough for the pinnacle of human knowledge the ultimate Knowledge Emporium.

One of the men in the committee judging the applicants is flabbergasted by the overall lack of shine, lustre, outstanding qualifications required from the crème de la crème that get into the Ivy League.
However, the others emphasize that they have had nothing of the kind- ever – diversity is one key element and the woman is brazen, gifted in many ways – although it is hard to say if that includes Law School.

Her deficiencies soon show, after she arrives in a convertible Porsche, with her minuscule, somewhat laughable dog, strange outfits, outlandish mannerisms, but this is the Ultimate Fighter, a very talented, gifted rival for Vivian Kensington who has become in the meantime the fiancé of Warner
The first encounters with some of the fussy professors are hurting, for the Blonde is dismissed because of the wrong Prejudices, we so often hold and make many reject people of value just because they appear to be feeble, humble and so on.

Elle becomes first acquainted, then close with Emmett aka Luke Wilson, who would encourage her throughout, an attitude opposed to that of the ex- boyfriend who had been attracted, but not respectful.
Professor Callahan takes the Wonder Blonde on the team – a rare occasion given the exceptional qualities expected from the lucky few that are selected – and they have a difficult case – Brook Taylor Windham is accused of murder.

Furthermore, witnesses – the daughter of the deceased and the pool boy – have found the suspect near the body of the murdered husband – decades older, but very “gifted” according to his widow, the reason for this apparently unnatural bond – covered in blood.

A dream team would appear in court, formed by novice Elle and Emmett, the former benefiting from an extraordinary EQ – which studies show is more important than IQ – able to see that there is something wrong with the testimony of the pool boy, one key witness for the prosecution.
Alas, Professor Callahan harasses the young brilliant student – as the MeToo movement makes clear, a widespread phenomenon back then and now – which he wanted on the legal team because he wants to abuse her.

The accused changes her defense, giving the chance for the Legally Blonde to make an outstanding plea, which given that this is a comedy we can anticipate that would result in the good winning over the bad.

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