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It’s a Wonderful Life, written by Frank Capra and others, based on a story by Philip Van Doren Stern

It’s a Wonderful Life,  written by Frank Capra and others, based on a story by Philip Van Doren Stern

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This is not just one of the most magnificent films, but also a recipe for happiness, a meaningful and successful life.
It is the story of a Superhero, the ultimate Übermensch, a man like no other and yet so familiar and “common”.

-          It is about George Bailey and his second class angel, Clarence

You can find this extraordinary, fantastic film on the list of best films as compiled by critics, scholars and experts;

But it is also a popular film with audiences, for very good reason and even after all those years- the masterpiece dates from 1947:

We learn from the start that the protagonist, George Bailey is in trouble and the Almighty is sending an angel to help him.
In order for this second class angel to be able to offer support he finds all there is to know about George.

He is portrayed with magnificence by one of the best actors of all times, James Stewart, who brings finesse, charm and extraordinary meaning to his performance.
George Bailey saved his younger brother from drowning when the latter was just a child and he was playing on thin ice.

Ever since, George Bailey has had trouble and cannot hear with the ear that was affected by the cold water.

As a child, he worked in a pharmacy where he saved a man’s life again, this time it was the pharmacist.
As he received the terrible news of the death of his son in World War I, the man prepared some pills, only he added poison in his distress instead of the needed substance.

Since George was there and he could see what happened, he did not give the deadly pills to the patient.
He thus saved both the sick man and the pharmacist from going to jail for a long sentence, without getting recognition, at least in the first place when the foolish boss kicked him around, until he realized what just happened.

George’s dream was to travel around the world and finish his education, but generous, altruistic as he is he remained in Bedford Falls, his small home town.
Instead of using his opportunities, he allowed his brother to continue his education and later become a hero.

This perfect hero is in charge of the Building and Loan Company that changes the life of multitudes, people who no longer have to live in slums.
Mr. Potter, his competitor and the richest man in the county- but only in financial terms- is set to destroy the company and George.

An opportunity is available when Uncle Billy loses $ 8,000 and the sum ends in the hands of Mr. Potter.
Although the rich man knows exactly what happened, he is bent on sending George to jail, since the latter has taken upon him all the blame.

Furthermore, George Bailey is determined to commit suicide and allow the family to get the insurance money.
This is where second class angel- because he has no wings yet- Clarence enters the stage, by jumping into a river, in…winter.
This is comedy at its best, for especially the part where we have the angel is comical and entertaining, as well as thought provoking and philosophical, with the angel claiming that he jumped in to save George, while the latter is flabbergasted by this claim, since it is he who jumped in the ice cold river to save the old man…

When George continues to doubt that he had any impact on the community around him, he is presented with the “alternative reality” or “alternative facts” as they call them at the White House and life without him is there to experience…
His brother is dead, since he was not saved in this version, the homes and the district for needy people has not been built and the whole community has been severely affected by the absence of this Übermensch.

Furthermore, many people have died, because Harry Bailey, dead at the age of ten, was not there to save them during World War II.
In one scene, the war hero Harry Bailey comes home to Bedford Falls and advances one of the many magical truths of this chef d’oeuvre

-          My brother, George-The richest man in this county

And he is right, because money is so much less important, without significance when compared to the wealth of this Superman.

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