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The Shawshank Redemption written by Frank Darabont based on a story by Stephen King, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman

The Shawshank Redemption written by Frank Darabont based on a story by Stephen King, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman

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On the most important site about films, IMDB, this film is rated as the most popular, and it has been in that position for years:

Having said that, I must add that I generally disagree with many, if not most of the popular choices on that list or the productions that smash records at the box office.
I do not see The Dark Night at four or The Lord of the rings at 15, Interstellar or Inception on the high spots they hold.

Ironman, Spider Man 3 or 24 do not make me travel to the cinema hall…
But it certainly looks like The Shawshank Redemption has the ability to move and impress upon so many people.

Tim Robbins is excellent as Andy Dufresne and Morgan Freeman is just as good as Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding.
We first meet the latter, who is the narrator of the story, with his well known, deep and fabulous voice.

Red has been in prison for decades and he is the one who can get anything, from posters with Rita Hayworth to carving tools.
When Andy arrives at Shawshank, the inmates bet on his fate.

Red thinks and puts money on his conviction that Andy would not last in prison, he would even collapse after the first night.

But Andy Dufresne is tough, resilient, brave, extremely intelligent and endowed with an excellent EQ, emotional intelligence

He has to suffer at the hands of a group of rapists, who corner him and he gets beaten and injured so much he ends up in hospital.
But he gets his revenge.

Over all those that humiliated, attacked, tortured or sent him to the “hole”.
Once, he is on the roof with Red and other prisoners, working with tar to improve the isolation of the building.

He hears Captain Hadley talk about an inheritance of $ 30,000 and how the state will get almost all of it.
Andy interferes in a perilous way:

-          Captain, do you trust your wife?
-          What is that?!
-          Do you trust your wife?
-          I will kill you, you son of a bitch

It is evidently a gamble and a dangerous game, for the captain takes Andy Dufresne on the edge of the roof.
He looks like he will throw the prisoner to his death.

-          I mean to say that you can make a gift of $ 30,000 to your wife and pay not tax…

This is how the incarcerated banker starts helping first the captain and then other guards, finally including the warden with their taxes.
He gets to be so busy when employees of other jails come to him, during baseball games season, that he has assistants.

He sends letters to the authorities in order to receive books for the prison’s library and he finally gets the funds.

While he works on the accounts for the warden, he gets all the details of the money transfers and the bribes received by the evil man.
Andy is severely punished when he plays a joke on the officials of Shawshank and puts a Mozart record on the sound system.

He traps one guardian in the toilet and the rest are kept outside, while the divine music of Amadeus Mozart is heard in all the prison.
For that, Andy is sent to isolation for a long time.

But he gets his Redemption and Payback  


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