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The Consultant, Nudge, Nudge and The Restaurant by Monty Python

The Consultant, Nudge, Nudge and The Restaurant by Monty Python

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The humor of Monty Python is glorious.
And the best comedy team ever has produced multiple sketches that are brilliant.

The Consultant

The actors involved in this sketch are Eric Idle and Michael Palin.
I am afraid I don't know the name of the actress.

Michael Palin is the husband of this gorgeous, young blonde.
They enter the cabinet of this specialist portrayed by Eric Idle.

The consultant is not very present for a while.
But then he sees the attractive woman.

Indeed, from here on he has eyes only for her.
Even when addressing the spouse, he still looks hypnotized at the wife.

He is flirting openly and outrageously.
They start undressing then and there.

She moves behind a moving screen.
While taking his clothes off, the consultant sends the stupid husband away for half an hour

Nudge, nudge

This is also about sex.
It is a script written by Eric Idle who has one of the two roles in it.

Eric Idle was the member of the team who created on his own.
John Cleese worked on material with Graham Chapman.

The partner in this short film is played by Terry Jones.
He is a husband and supposedly knows about women.

Since the character played by Eric Idle is unfamiliar with the subject, he tries to learn.
But his manner is ridiculous and hilarious

-          Does your wife go?

-          I bet she does, I bet she does!

-          Say no more! Say no more!

She has all these lines that are meant to encourage his interlocutor to reveal the secrets.
But they obviously have the opposite effect.

The Restaurant

In another note, I expressed my admiration for the brilliance of The Indian Restaurant.
This episode deals with the tragedy that takes place in a regular place, staffed by loonies.

When the client brings a dirty fork to the attention of the Terry Jones waiter, hell breaks loose.
It is considered a catastrophe.

One by one, maitre d', manager and other staff come to show their desperation.
It is the end of the world.

Then a furious John Cleese chef shows up.
He is mad at the clients.

And he has an ax in his hand.
Not just that, he is surely willing to spill blood.

His language leaves no room for interpretation

-          You bastards!!
-          You are not worthy to lick his boots!!
-          Mango! Mango please!

Commotion, kerfuffle and havoc...

-          Lucky we didn't mention the dirty knife...

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