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Kindergarten Cop by Murray Salem

Kindergarten Cop by Murray Salem

Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be the most unsuitable man to become an actor, with his strange enunciation of the words, wooden attitude, and bizarre use of English – which is his second language, as it has been emphasized.

However, one must admit that he has had some phenomenal success with films like Terminator, and even comedies like Twins, True Lies, in spite of which this cinephile is not at all fond of the exaggerated, robotic performances of this former governor of California- another strange choice of the American people, this time in a rather liberal state.
If we also consider that so many men – and even more strangely, women- have voted for Trump – since yesterday, a good friend and admirer of the North Korean dictator, while at the same time showing enmity towards allies like Justin Trudeau, attacking great actors like Robert de Niro- we can come to the conclusion that Americans have some very bizarre tastes and…

Kindergarten Cops

There may be some good moments in this comedy, but one can wonder why the Metascore is so high, at 61, it sounds unbelievable.
Furthermore, this film has won a few awards!

The Kids’ Choice Awards have proclaimed the Austrian born lead actor the Favorite Movie Actor and awarded him the Blimp Award!
At the Young Artist Awards, this movie has won the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture.

It may be very important to note that this film was released in 1990 and the standards would surely have been different, for in many scenes it looks like the public could not enjoy today what was meant as a joke at the time, but seems terrifying today.
Ok, we can perhaps tolerate that the undercover detective is unfamiliar, does not know how to behave with children, but to imagine Schwarzenegger shouting can be horrifying and not amusing.
In the very first few scenes, on an airplane, the police officer is upset by a loud, misbehaving child and he shows him a crayon, breaks it in two and says with a traumatizing look that this is what he would do to the kid…

Yes, we get that this is where he starts from and he would become such a lovely, decent, kind, calm, perhaps perfect educator…
Only in the process, he takes out a child by grabbing his shirt and walking with the boy suspended and doing the alarm exercise- was it a fire drill?

It can be argued that this century has started with too much liberty for children, who are supposed to agree before their pampers are changed – one hears- but in this film it seems that some of the participants must have been traumatized.
There is acting, children must have been told that they are just playing games and fury is not real, but it is just pretending; only it looks strange and abusive at times and even taking into consideration special effects, stunts and other tricks, it is in the end…

Not amusing!

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