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Superbad by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

Superbad by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

If for no other reason, Superbad is worthwhile as the launching pad for a group of excellent artists- Michael Cera as Evan, Jonah Hill in the role of Seth, Emma Stone – winner of an Academy Award in the meantime! – as Jules, Seth Rogen portrays Officer Michaels and co-writes this comedy.

The motion picture has been nominated and won a series of awards, mostly in the category of MTV, Teen Choice, Young Artists, but also acclaimed by the Chicago Film Critics Association, Detroit Film Critics Society and other such guilds.
Evan has won access into a better university and this means that he would have to separate from his best friend, Seth, who will have to attend a state university of a lesser caliber.

The former tries to keep the fact that he would share a room with Fogell a secret, in order to avoid offending the feelings of his comrade, although this sounds gay – supposedly they are not -and rather childish.
Jules aka Emma Stone in the époque long before her Oscar for La La Land would have a party, as her parents would be absent from home, she has one hundred dollars left by them for food and she wants Seth to buy alcohol.

This would not be so easy, given that they are under age – this viewer has seen how serious Americans are about this at the Atlanta Olympics – and a plan is set in motion to break the law.
Since Fogell is about to get a false identification card, Seth and Evan enroll him and once he brings in the document, the surprise and mirth is considerable, for he has chosen as name McLovin.

His driver’s license comes from the State of Hawaii and he has no Christian name, but they will have to go ahead with this, for lack of a better choice…indeed, there is no alternative.
Fogell aka McLovin enters a liquor store, after contemplating images of calamity and extreme disaster, takes the list that has gay drinks, vodka with golden leaf and other large quantities of alcohol.
The woman at the counter asks for identification, Fogell makes a joke about feeling young again, for he has decided to put twenty-five under age, claiming that a lower age is suspicious, everybody with a false ID puts nineteen.

As he pays for the many bottles of alcohol, a man walks into the store, kicks Fogell, sending him to the ground, then steals the money from the cash register and runs out on the street.
The police arrive at the scene, Officers Michaels and Michaels investigating the robbery, while Evan and Seth panic outside, when they see the car with the lights working and the two uniformed men questioning their colleague.

It certainly looks like they realized he was trying to get alcohol illegally, using a false document, they are now applying the law, so there would be no drinks, and Seth laments for the outcome.
Jules has given him the money for the crucial, perhaps only entertainment at the party and now he has betrayed her trust, just as he imagines he could have had sex with her, or at least some foreplay…

Just as they have this heated debate, a clumsy driver back up fast, sends Seth to the ground and as he checks to see the state of the victim, he is faced with the issue of providing money for the gig of the night.
Seth is now in a store, without documents to show he has the right to buy what he wants and he dreams up a few scenarios, including one where he helps an old woman and she buys the drinks for him.

Meanwhile, Officers Michaels and Slater are getting friendly with Fogell, although they pretend they are puzzled by his strange name and the story of the robber, they amuse themselves watching the tape and then take their new comrade along in the official car.
They all engage in mildly funny activity, shooting their guns, destroying public property and eventually, running over…Seth, who suffers yet another accident, at the hands of a reckless police officer now.

Alcohol does reach the party, Evan is about to have sex with an inebriated girl that he likes, called Becca, but various problems plague the party, the two friends and Fogell, who runs away from the scene of the car accident.
Officer Slater threatens his victim, after he has hit him with the car, then pulls the gun, tells Evan and Seth to lie on the ground, prepares more mischievous, unethical actions just as their new friend runs away.

Slater runs after one, while Michaels tries to catch Evan and his best friend, who arrive at Jules’ home, have some fun, only to get into a fight and then face the police officers again, as they raid the party.
Seth leaves with his drunken friend in his arms, trying to escape, after having accidentally kicked the girl he has wanted to sleep with, or at least caress, be with, in the face, giving her a black eye.

Some may find this amusing, while others would just consider it as funny as Joe Pesci is in Goodfellas or the work of Michael Haneke in Funny Games

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