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Demon - a Polish Israeli Horror Film

Demon - a Polish Israeli Horror Film

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Horror films are not my cup of tea.
But then variety is one of the rules of happiness.

We have to introduce change and avoid routine.
Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar has the most popular course ever in the history of that Ivy League institution

That of Positive Psychology

In it he also talks about the Lasagna Principle...
His favorite dish is...lasagna.

And especially the one made by his mother.
Only he would not be able to eat this every day.

Trying to apply this rule, I said to myself:

Enough comedy!
One every single day will end up making you sick!

And here I can refer to another classic, this time a book included among the best 100 novels ever written.
The Norwegian Book Club has asked about 100 great writers from 57 countries which are the best works.

Don Quixote came up on the first place and the list is to be found on the internet...obviously.
If you do not reach it, send me a message.

Alexis Zorba or Zorba the Greek is the novel I refer to here and the way he cured himself of his addiction to cherries:

He ate so many that he got sick and never wanted to see them anymore, never mind indulge as he had used to.

Seeing as I do not like to be scared and prefer to be amused, I will stick with comedies and dramas...the latter spaced out.

Demon has not changed my inclination.
It is the story of Piotr aka Peter who comes from London to marry this Polish girl.

As he crosses a river, there is a first sign of trouble when we see and hear a woman shouting over the drowning of someone dear.

As Piotr digs near the house where they would live, he finds a corpse.
But the wedding is to proceed, with a lot of vodka and merriment.

It is all good, until the groom starts having visions and instead of calling his wife he calls for Hannah.
Then he has a seizure, which is first dismissed as a symptom of heavy drinking.

But it keeps getting worse.
Epilepsy is invoked as a cause.

Nevertheless, Piotr starts speaking Yiddish.
Now, that is not a symptom of epilepsy or any other disease.

We learn the tragedy of Hannah.
And something about the Dybbuk.

There is some humor inside and the film is not bad, perhaps even sensational for those who love the genre.

But I am biased and since I do not enjoy this kind of film I had the wrong mindset.

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