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The Survivalist - written and directed by Stephen Fingleton

The Survivalist - written and directed by Stephen Fingleton

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I am not a fan of science fiction, but this film was really captivating.
On the one hand it was such a pleasant surprise to find this on Cinemax and on the other it was an ungodly hour

Three a.m. last night

But missing sleep is nothing compared with what may await for us in the future.
The proposal of this work is depressing, frightening...what am I saying?

-          Horrendous and terrifying

And there have been alarm bells sounding for a long while.
It is just that there are so many deniers of climate change and stupid leaders that don't seem to care about anyone's future except their own.

And perhaps the most important, after Putin, sits and tweets in the White House...
Refusing to believe that Putin is a mass killer and a dictator and that the planet is warming.

Having said this, the bleak scenario from The Survivalist need not happen.
One of the key rules of positive psychology and happiness is to be

-          Optimistic

Positive people live longer- even and especially if the predicted Apocalypse takes place- have more successful private and professional lives, get sick less often and when they do they get well sooner.

The Survivalist is a tough man.
Here again, psychology studies have demonstrated that Grit is twice as important as high IQ.

And a high EQ is also of greater value than the long cherished IQ.

The hero manages to survive supported by a very small farm, in a future where food and other aspects that we consider today essentials are scarce or completely gone.

A young woman called Milja and her older companion- Kathryn show up at the farm.
The Survivalist is very hostile because he only has the means for just one

-          Himself

And it is no easy life to grow some food in this forgotten place in the forest.
Isolated as it is, it is still under attack from various individuals or groups.

Milja is attractive though and The Survivalist feels a sexual urge and perhaps the need for affection, warmth and social company and proof.

There is a tense atmosphere almost throughout the film.
He has a rifle that he keeps near him, aware of the danger.

It is man eats man in this future
At some moments I thought literally

And I still do not know exactly if the fire which is made at one point is not to prepare and eat the human that is going to die near it...
Soon enough

The film is gloomy and challenging, with unexpected events.
But it is worth watching and thinking if the day when we have to go through is waits around the corner...

-          Nah! I am just joking...
-          There is no way...they will build that "beautiful" wall and the enemies will stop coming...

-          Right?

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