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Limitless, Leslie Dixon- Screenplay and Bradley Cooper in the leading role

Limitless, Leslie Dixon- Screenplay and Bradley Cooper in the leading role

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I loved this film!
And only wish I could take the substance and get the results:

-          Learn Portuguese, to play the piano and eventually the stock market

Eddie Morra is played to perfection by Bradley Cooper.
After the initial success of The Hangover, Bradley Cooper has been better and better in remarkable films like:

-          Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and American Sniper

Especially Silver Linings and American Hustle have been right up my alley, even if the performance in American Sniper has been outstanding.
As an excellent sniper, Bradley Cooper became the favorite of many conservatives, who were horrified later.

The wonderful actor attended a rally of Hilary Clinton, while the fundamentalists supported-and still do- The Donald.
Hence their outcry…

Eddie Morra is an unsuccessful writer at the start of this story.
He then meets with his brother-in-law, who is making money and has a miracle pill that he gives Eddie to try.

The idea behind this screenplay is tantalizing and not so farfetched.
Elon Musk has just announced another startup that he is working on that would help people who have deficiencies.
The perspective is that we will insert in our brain devices, not bigger than a rice grain that will help our thinking.

We now use only a few percentage points of the brain’s capacity and the potential in the not so distant future is…

-          Limitless

This is what happens in the film.
The pill gives the person who takes it the ability to use 100 % of the brain and the results are overwhelming

-          Eddie can play the piano, finish the novel, and learn Portuguese and anything else!
-          All in record time

It is not all plain sailing.
Complications are natural and the pills are demanded by others who are willing to do whatever it takes for them.

Murder is one way and the brother-in-law is quickly killed and there are Russian mobsters that get into the game.
The miracles performed by the chemical formula are a pleasure to watch, in the case of the ex-wife and Eddie himself.

I loved the scene when he is attacked by eight hoodlums:

-          The supernatural pill gives Eddie the ability to defend himself with unbelievable skill and extreme efficiency
-          Whatever he has seen on TV- images with Bruce Lee, any fighting move is now available in his superlative brain

The opponents fall like flies and it is not surreal but believable given that this brain works many times faster than the rest.

And it has all the techniques, moves, strategies, possibilities in there and ready to use in nanoseconds.
The next confrontation is with Carl van Loon, played by Robert de Niro, who seems to be better in roles facing Cooper.

Otherwise, we have to suffer seeing him in the likes of The Intern…alas!
Carl van Loon is a version of Warren Buffett, in terms of extraordinary financial success and investment record.

A brilliant film in my view!

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