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A Star is Born, written by Robert Carson and other…nine writers

A Star is Born, written by Robert Carson and other…nine writers

                This film was nominated for six Academy Awards

                There were no Golden Globes, BAFTAs or the Cannes Film Festival in 1938…
I guess

The nominations were for important categories, such as:

Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Writing, Screenplay
It won the Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay

In addition, it is an interesting, fresh approach to writing, with the paper on which the script is written presented at the camera.
Esther Victoria Blodgett is the hero of the show.

She becomes Vicki Lester and then Mrs. Maine.
However, before that, she is young woman living on a farm and dreaming about Hollywood and the movies.
She moves to California, hoping that she will act.

When she moves into this room, the manager is already shaking her conviction and insists on being paid…
In advance

When she starts looking for a job, the young Esther is confronted by notices that explain plainly:
There are 46,000 applications

Only a few thousand positions
Therefore, we have six times more people interested….

Figure it out!

These were not the words, but the message was nevertheless easy to understand- no work for you.
Esther meets a nice neighbor and the manager jokes about his role as a director, but when the protagonist asks for work, he gets mad.

How could he give her a job when he was unemployed, but after this initial anger, he finds her a place as a waitress.
This is where she encounters Norman Maine.

Her life is changed, for he is the one giving her a chance on a filming set.
Esther Victoria Blodgett becomes Vicki Lester because…

A Star is Born!

Moreover, it all becomes a roller coaster ride.
These were the times of the studio star system, when executives and moguls had contracts with actors that controlled the latter.

All the stars did was directed and scripted by the studio bosses and weddings, dates, separations could not happen without approval.
The media had access to scripted events and this is the case in the film, wherein the presentation is amusing.

Esther aka Vicky marries Norman.

However, while her career is flourishing, Norman Maine is perceived as a has been and avoided by colleagues.
In one scene, a couple of actors comment with acidity, cruelty and disdain on the fate of the former star.

Then we have a deplorable appearance at the Oscars, during the speech of his wife who was accepting the most important award.
Norman is an alcoholic.

A Star is Born is included on the list compiled by The New York Times:

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