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Honey Bunny aka Mon Poussin, written by Frederic Forestier and Romain Protat

Honey Bunny aka Mon Poussin, written by Frederic Forestier and Romain Protat

                Mon Poussin is both charming and silly.

Not at the same time, but there are some good moments, followed by preposterous, artificial moments.
Anyway, this light comedy does not belong to the long list of French masterpieces, but it can be enjoyable…

Some times

                Vincent Peletier is the young hero of this film.
                He is in love with Elina.

                That was very good, for as long as it lasted.
Only, at the beginning of the film, we learn that the love story is over.

Vincent is funny in his desperation, as he keeps crying with “helicopter parents” roaming over him.
They keep saying he has to get over it:

“You loved her, she loved you…now you love her and she does not…she does not even care about you…”
This is the way of life Mon Poussin…

By the way, Poussin means:
“A chicken killed young for eating.”

When the boy does not get over the infatuation and keeps crying and moaning over his lost love, parents take action.

First, they decide to fake a robbery so that they can empty the room of the suffering boy of memorabilia.
All the pictures of the infamous girl that has broken his heart and then left him must disappear.

They are caught because they have no experience and they claim the intruder came in through a window.
However, that bathroom window is excessively small to give anyone access, unless he or she is five years old.

Or…working in a circus.

They then try other, more radical treatment, which involves a rejection of the girl and what better than…, calling her names?
You think she is so splendid, formidable, superb, a deity, seraphic, tremendous, superb, ecstatic?

Elina is “une pute, connasse, putaine, etc.”
Now repeat!

Vincent is also taken to group therapy, where each individual is expressing his rejection of his problem:
Each says in turn:

Drugs are “de la merde”, alcohol is “de la merde”, marijuana is “de la merde”, and sex is the same “merde”.
Only the young man in love cannot bring himself to say that Elina is “de la merde” and he abandons this outré therapy.
The next silly step is to take the boy to Strasbourg, where he had such a good time with his then girlfriend.

In way, they try the training used with dogs and other animals…
The famous Pavlovian Conditioning: the bell rings and that means there will be food, only here the association must be in reverse…

You had a good time here?
Sex in this place?

As is evident by now, this is not the clever comedy in a line with Some Like It Hot, Top Secret or History of the World by Mel Brooks.
However, if you Condition yourself, who knows? Maybe you enjoy it…

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