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Starman, written by Bruce Evans and Raynold Gideon

Starman, written by Bruce Evans and Raynold Gideon

                Starman is a charming, enjoyable science fiction film.

Given the date of the production- 1984-, the special effects are not what we are used with in 2018.
Nevertheless, it is not the movement of various ample space ships which fill the skies in Transformers and the like that provides meaningfulness.

                Jenny Hayden is a widow who grieves for her husband.
One day, at the beginning of the film, in the room next door, a sort of baby appears and he cries.

However, over the next seconds, the baby grows into a man, or at least something that looks like one.
And the shape and form of this “creature” is exactly that of the late husband of Jenny Hayden who is terrified.

This apparition takes her hostage and wants her to drive to a certain meeting place where he has to be.
If at first, the woman tries hard to escape this strange being that we soon understand is an alien, things change later.

On the road, as they have a dispute over her driving the car, they produce an accident and this is an opportunity.
Jenny comes out of the car shouting that she has been kidnapped, while the other driver takes a crow bar with him.

He is very determined to make the Starman stop his wrongdoing and release his prisoner, or else…
Only the SuperBeing has extraterrestrial powers:

He melts the crow bar and creates a sort of explosion that sets fire to a few trees nearby, making the initially brave man to run away.
The government, or some agencies within it are chasing the Starman and one individual wants to help him.

The one in charge though is determined to annihilate this dangerous force that comes from outer space.
Gradually, the dynamic between Jenny and the Starman who looks exactly like her late husband changes.

They stop to eat at a restaurant near the road, where the woman has the last attempt to escape from her…destiny.
This is where they meet a stupid red neck, who has a deer on the front of his pickup truck and the dead animal attracts the attention of Starman.

This is a moment of philosophy, of which there are others, wherein the alien is thinking about humans and their violence.
While they sit and order, with the being from out of space asking the usual comic questions, for he is unfamiliar with expressions, even if he learns fast, with smoking, behavior, aggresivity and more, the hero keeps looking at the dead deer.

Finally, the alien goes out at the pickup truck and starts touching the corpse of the deer until it moves.
When the animal runs away, redeemed by the Starman, the red neck gets angry and comes out.

He knocks the stranger out with his fist, but the alien who copies the human actions flattens him in return.
However, the primitive, ruthless troglodyte has other cave men with him and they are intent on beating Starman to a pulp.

Jenny interferes and this is the moment when her former apprehension turns into a loving feeling.

They then have to run from the police and during the ensuing car chase, the woman is shot and fatally wounded.
Nevertheless, Starman is the equivalent of Superman and he takes the car into a fuel truck and through the consequent massive fire, after which he comes out into inferno, with jenny in his arms, like the Terminator.

He may have to travel back out into space, just as they have now discovered they are in love with each other.
This may be the opportunity for this film to avoid the eternal successful conclusion and opt for a more unconventional finale, with surprises in store, a major gift for Jenny, a confrontation with the Army and more.

Starman is an outstanding film, which is listed on The New York Times’ Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made list:

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