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Regarding Henry, written by J.J. Abrams

Regarding Henry, written by J.J. Abrams

                Let us try a poor joke:

Regarding Henry was produced in the days when the actor in the leading role was not “acting” like Henry.
These days, one has to be careful when approaching California airports for Henry aka Harrison Ford may crash-land somewhere near…

In some ways, the once brilliant actor portraying the protagonist of this film has been losing it recently.
Joking aside, it is a serious issue when one man is placing others in danger with his manner of flying a plane.

There is an uncanny coincidence here: there have been two films on television last night, with very similar stories.
                At least they were for this viewer.

                First, there is The New Life of Paul Sneijder, a film on which I have noted on here:

Paul Sneijder has been through a terrible, if extremely unlikely accident, in which an elevator falls to the ground.
His daughter is killed and paradoxically, after experiencing a serious PTSD, he has a splendid chance for a New Life.

He becomes a dog walker and handler, after a lifetime of working in an important, managerial position.
This apparently loss of prestige and status brings joy, meaning, redemption, a moral and ethical new chapter.
The New Life of Paul Sneijder has alas attracted very little attention, much less than Regarding Henry.

Nevertheless, for a Harrison Ford vehicle, Regarding Henry is still less popular, anyway when compared with:

One of the Star Wars mega productions, Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Fugitive, Blade Runner and quite a few others

                Harrison Ford is Henry Turner.
He is married to Sarah Turner aka Annette Bening, excellent in spite of the fact that she has a more modest part to play here.

                After an incident during which Henry is shot, he loses his memory.
                In addition, he has trouble moving.

                This is the New Life of Henry Turner.
Like the hero of the aforementioned Canadian film, Henry has a chance to face the challenges and win.

And not just in terms of recovering memories, but also replacing the old, obnoxious, loathsome lawyer with a gentle, noble man.
A very interesting narrative involves an uphill struggle that makes the New Henry a superman.

We need to insist:
The protagonist is not only up against physical and mental challenges, facing humiliation and disdain, but also he becomes much better than the despicable, philandering, insensitive, ruthless solicitor he used to be.

In one relevant scene, Henry and Sarah are invited to a party and they happen upon a conversation that destroyed him.

The hosts were saying that he is an idiot now and life will be a nightmare for the wife who has to care and provide for a cretin.

“Jesters do oft prove prophets…” King Lear”

This simpleton uncovers dirty secrets at the law firm, understands he cannot stand being a lawyer and a myriad jokes would support that and the figures that show that this is the most depressing job, with the highest rates of suicide and depression.
Henry finds happiness!!

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