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A United Kingdom, based on the book by Susan Williams

A United Kingdom, based on the book by Susan Williams

The Darkest Hour is celebrated this year (2018), together with the hero within, Winston Churchill.

Yet, A United Kingdom exposes another side of the politician who is applauded as one of the greatest role models of all time.
                Winston Churchill is one of the villains in A United Kingdom.

This good film is based on the book by Susan Williams, which tells the story of the Prince of Bechuanaland and his wife, the politics involved in the exile, the submission to South Africa’s interests and more.
The intense, severe, excellent David Oyelowo, the artist in the marvelous leading role in Selma, plays Prince Seretse Khama.

Prince Seretse is studying in London, when he meets and falls in love with beautiful Ruth Williams.
                They want to and they marry.

However, if this sounded as the innocent, admirable, wonderful union of two young people, it is in fact reason for turmoil.
                Uncle Charles, the regent opposes this union.

Furthermore, most other parties involved are against this matrimony, which is upsetting the status quo.
The rules of the time were racist and the marriage between two people of different color was anathema.

However, about the only people who accept this matrimony are the ones least expected to…the “subjects”.
The would be king talks to an assembly and makes his case to the representatives of his people.

He explains that he loves his wife, there is no harm in that and color of skin should not be a reason to discriminate.

His uncle wants Seretse to be the king, but only if he renounces his white wife that he sees as a serious affront to the rules.
For hundreds of years, the ancestors of Seretse Khama have been admired as rulers, but this may end now.

Surprisingly, the assembly votes in favor of the prince, only the British representative says that the colonial power has to assess the situation.
A report is prepared, trying to analyze the “tribal conflict” in the territory called at that time Bechuanaland.

And the result is that Britain decides to…exile the would be king for five years and send him to Jamaica.
Enter the stage the great Winston Churchill, who is in opposition but affirms that once in power, he will allow the prince to return.

Only once in office, something outrageous happens.
Under Winston Churchill, not only the banishment is not overturned, but on the contrary, it is…extended.

Prince Seretse Khama is exiled…for life

However, some people in Great Britain support the cause of the hero and that of his country.
They obtain the report and they provoke a minister into admitting that mineral rights belong to the people of what would soon become Botswana.

The report states clearly that the prince is a decent man, worthy of ruling his people, but South Africa, where apartheid is the official policy opposed the matrimony and therefore, Britain applied “Realpolitik” and surrendered to this point of view, more interested in the riches provided by the segregated South Africa.
In an astonishing coup de theatre, the Prince campaigns for the abolishing of the monarchy- what prince ever did that?

Seretse Khama is a hero triumphant on all aspects of life.
He is loyal to his people, becomes the leader of a democracy that he had advocated for their benefit, he stays married to the woman he loves and that loved him in return, in spite of the adversity and trauma he had to suffer for his ideals.

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