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Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice - 10 out of 10


Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice

10 out of 10



This note should be one of gratitude, since this work may well be the one that has cheered me up the most, knowing some of the lines – ‘What’s the buzz, tell me what’s happening…prove to me that you’re divine, change my water into wine…cut the confessions, forget the excuses, we want information…’- I tend to sing them, alas, that means that those around do not cherish the same lyrics, for they get on their nerves, if I am the singer, albeit they could also laugh at the performance and then ‘everything’s all right’


Earlier this morning, at the decaying Downtown club – this thing is called world class, as if the service you find there is of that incomprehensible level, but it is getting to be a joke really, you never know when you get there what facility will be, what access denied, which absurd excuse they will throw out, one Jacuzzi is closed because of the Radisson hotel (yes, another lamentable outfit there, but let us move on), the other is off since one client vomited inside (which is so abject, because it has not happened, except maybe once, some years ago, and then they push it as a disgusting justification forever)

When you point out that employees have seats reserved, which means customers will have to stand on occasion (as in when the pool is busy, because saunas, Jacuzzis are not usable) the manager gets angry and says ‘of course, the swimming instructors have to sit down’…wtf, what hospitality business does that- indeed, this absurd situation is somehow similar to what the King of Comedy Kingsley Amis describes in his magnum opus Ending up one hilarious, if preposterous, situation where the waiter comes at the table with the order and…sits down


Another joyful situation would be when the delivery person comes at the door, and after giving you the package asks to see the paintings…such is the context at this bizarre company, where they need not salute, the manager confirmed that as well, when told that they have an attitude that ruins your day, she more or less said there it is, if clients are like that – it is the guests they blame for the saunas, for they put too much water on the stove, and they use paper to start the hammam, and then when other items are not functioning, it is the higher echelons that take the heat…’you want me to pay from my pocket?’

In other words, she is blaming her bosses, and this is also as skewed, outrageous as can be, for when you get a bad service or none somewhere, you do not want to know that the bakery delivered the bad cakes, the CEO of the company is no good, actually, this somehow confirms my objects, I realize now, when you pass the can like that, you reject the blame, but confirm there is a problem, and a serious one…


To end with the splendid club and return to Oh Jesus, this morning there was not enough water in the pool, yes, there was some, maybe about half of the quantity required, but not enough to swim in it, so this is really a joke, you do not know what prank they play on you when you get there…which needs to be solved with Jesus Christ Superstar, in particular, the lines that go ‘try not to get worried, try not to turn to problems that upset you, don’t you know everything’s alright, close your eyes think of nothing tonight’

I remember how I rejected this rock opera, the first time I had the chance to listen to it, which might have been in 1987, when I girl I liked, colleague of mine in the Faculty of Geology, a student there as well, gave me a cassette, which might have sown the seeds of love as in the Tears For Fears song


Some time in 1988 I was sent down (or up, because on the map, this is way north of here, the capital city) to Felix, near the border of Hungary (where I have paid for sex for the first time, with a packet of Kent cigarettes, at the time they were not rejected as messengers of death, but coveted, they were about as valued as dollars, hard currency) where one night I had the chance to see and hear Jesus Christ Superstar, aired on the Hungarian channel, during Ceausescu we had had two hours of television in this country (per se, not such a bad thing, seeing the effects it has…Bhutan was the last country to bring in television, sometime in the late eighties maybe, and the result was a drop in the happiness levels)

This is not about Jesus Christ Superstar apparently, since I went off a tangent long ago, so let me brag about my tiny contribution to the fall of Ceausescu (by now, there is probably no one to annoy with these elucubrations) in 1989, when I went down in the Roman square, with friend Laurentiu, and protested with the couple of hundred people that had the courage to face the militia (army, or whatever they were) led by a man who deserves a statue, actor Andrei Finti, but has been largely forgotten, when he is one of the real, few heroes that we have, it is not just a local trend, a national defect, because we can now look at was once the greatest democracy in the world and the abject leaders it elects.


Biden is alright, old and a bit confused as he is, but I refer to Trump and the cohort of mini Trumps that are so ghastly as to seem to exit from horrible comedies, Marjorie Taylor, that fellow from New York who lied about everything, his mother being in the twin towers, stole money from charity (but here he has that monster as model, same old Trump) even pretended to be part of a volleyball team in an university which he never attended…if you see such figures in a film, you do not believe it, dismiss the plot and say, come on, you want me to buy this…in this realm, thousands of liars have taken certificates, ‘proving that they fought against Ceausescu’, when in fact they have seen it all on television…

As for me, this is the link to an article in Newsweek – I met Michael Meyers in December 1989 and then he mentions me in his coverage of the fall of Ceausescu – because I ended up working for James Wilde from TIME, I called a friend to translate for Michael Meyers, and the friend is now one of the top fifty richest people in this country, evidently, not connected with journalism (although, he could have been a media tycoon, I just realized) he is dominating the food market, frozen, diary and more


JCS makes me do this

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