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Le Compte de Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas author of The Man in The Iron Mask http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-iron-mask-aka-le-masque-de-fer.html and many other popular books - 9 out 10


Le Compte de Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas author of The Man in The Iron Mask http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-iron-mask-aka-le-masque-de-fer.html and many other popular books

9 out 10



You must watch the remarkable L’Autre Dumas, with Gerard Depardieu in top form as Alexandre Dumas and Benoit Poelvoorde -one of the greatest actors in the world, though few would know his name, and even fewer would be able to pronounce it (maybe this is just the wrong feeling, seeming as it looks so complicated to me) the one who shocked the cinephiles in Man Bites Dog aka C’est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/02/cest-arrive-pres-de-chez-vous-aka-man.html what a phenomenon!


In L’Autre Dumas we find that Auguste Maquet, played by mesmerizing Benoit Poelvoorde in the adaptation for the big screen – may have been the ghost writer , and hence the author of some of the most celebrated novels…I think I have read in The Russian Girl http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/11/the-russian-girl-by-magister-ludi.html by Magister Ludi Kingsley Amis about Dumas

It said that he has had African ancestry, maybe the grandmother was black, I forgot what exactly was the relative, maybe it was his grandfather, and it could well be in another book that this mentioned, together with other personal information on some of the other authors…more important would be Intellectuals by brilliant Paul Johnson http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/06/intellectuals-by-paul-johnson.html


Intellectuals lets us look behind the curtain, into the writing room, sometimes the bedroom of luminaries like Leo Tolstoy, Henrik Ibsen, Ernest Hemingway, Jean Jacques Rousseau and others…Rousseau was so abominable as to leave his children at the door of the orphanage, at a time when nine out of ten died in such circumstances, but there are vile things the others have done, and many celebrated men

Le Compte de Monte Cristo is one of the best stories, and a very entertaining one, at least for a teenager, as I was when I first read it, in the meantime, I have seen some adaptations for the big or small screen and did not find them all that exhilarating, due to a lack of sophistication perhaps, this is not Marcel Proust after all


Marcel Proust is in fact the standard http://realini.blogspot.com/2013/06/un-amour-de-swan-by-marcel-proust.html as in nec plus ultra, nobody will take him off the pedestal, he is the best there is for yours truly, and though Le Compte de Monte Cristo is a good adventure book, there is a feeling that I would waste my time, if I were to take it up again now, or even if it were the first time, it lacks the amplitude


As it is, we are outraged when Edmond Dantes is unjustly taken to this awful prison, just because his enemy Mondego wants to take all, including Mercedes - by the way, have I read somewhere that the luxury brand also takes the name from a woman called Mercedes, and what a joke it was a few years back, when they still used their ad slogan ‘nothing but the best’, only they were losing serious ground against their main rivals, Audi and BMW, so the blague was change the line to ‘nothing but third best’

Dantes becomes somehow the epitome of the conquering hero, rising like the Phoenix bird from the ashes, he tumbles to the lowest point, a nadir reached in that terrible prison, and then finds this other prisoner, who gives him the secret of the treasure, then opportunely dies, so that our protagonist can use this tragic event to masquerade as a corpse and then climb back to the very top…we all know about this, right?


Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar had the most popular lectures in the history of that venerable institution, and the videos are available online, if you are interested, lessons on positive psychology, the art of happiness, mixing in those precious courses scenes from classic movies, such as Dead Poets Society, Seinfeld, comedians sagesse, Ellen De Generes is mentioned a few times, with insight into the life of the academic http://realini.blogspot.com/2016/04/choose-life-you-want-by-tal-ben-shahar.html

one of the mantras, the leit motifs is ‘learn to fail or fail to learn’ and we have the example of someone who went to work at The White House, in the most powerful administration in the world, near the center of tremendous power, after a superb evolution and then…committed suicide, because in this phenomenal climb to the top, he had never encountered a crisis, failure, and when a traumatic experience came about, the adversity could not be coped with and the remarkable fellow collapsed.


Thus, it makes sense to include a rule that deals with this kind of challenge, one you find in the majestic book by another happiness scholar, Sonja Lyubomirsky, from the West Coast of America, The How of Happiness http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-how-of-happiness-by-sonja.html has included   ‘Happiness Activity No 6: Developing Strategies for Coping-practicing ways to endure or surmount hardship or trauma’

Indeed, this is one element which is important in The Count of Monte Cristo, the way he deals with the massive fall into that dungeon is admirable, and then his story is one that can offer quite a few lessons in bravery, resilience – I mean, think about it, you and me would probably just disintegrate on the floor of that goddamn awful place and just wait in misery to have it all end and soon, presto, today, not later…

On the other hand, let us think of Fyodor Dostoyevsky   http://realini.blogspot.com/2020/06/notes-from-underground-by-fyodor.html who had been condemned to death and then pardoned in the last minute, as he was standing in front of the execution squad, went on to write how the man on death row (they were almost all men surely) would rather live on a bare rock in the middle of the ocean than die

You may wish to ask me about this http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world or perhaps learn about the 1989 Revolution http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html

87 out of 100 for Brother's Keeper

75 out of 100 for Nunti, Botezuri, Inmormantari aka Weddings, Christenin...

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Ice Cold In Alex based on the book by Christopher Landon https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/10/about-classic-ice-cold-in-alex.html - 10 out of 10


Ice Cold In Alex based on the book by Christopher Landon https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/10/about-classic-ice-cold-in-alex.html

10 out of 10



This is a note about the mesmerizing motion picture, trying to connect it with the script of the movie is impossible for this cinephile, on goodreads one needs to be a librarian, in order to add a new book, or script, if you do not have the item listed already, as is the case for instance with what I see as the best film of 2022 by a long shot, and one of the best ten, so far into this century, The Banshees of Inisherin http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/the-banshees-of-inisherin.html blessed with a marvelous cast and director


There are a few motion pictures to watch, one of the most important is Close, which I understand to be one of the wonders of last year, but as we stand, the story of two friends (well, mates at least) who become estranged, because one of them starts thinking like Seneca http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/the-tao-of-seneca-happiness-and.html and realizes that life is too short if we waste it

Seneca in fact said something like ‘we have enough time, only look at the way we squander it, there are even humans who talk of killing time, when in fact we need to treat as the most important asset we possess, we are very wasteful with it…’ words to that effect at least I hope, this is what Colm seems to conclude


In Inisherin (or should we say on, seeing as this is an island) he had spent a lot of time with his buddy, but as the end approaches, Colm wants to create, compose music, refers to the immortality of Mozart – everyone has heard of Mozart he tells Padraic, the latter protests, for he does not know the composer, and thus ‘there goes your theory’…indeed, when you say ‘everyone’, this is either a figure of speech, or meant literally, in which case, that is wrong when you have just one ignorant fellow – and wants to stay away…

Ice Cold in Alex could be described as a classic war movie (indeed, classic motion picture in general) but it is much more complex than that, since we have the action taking place in World War II, in North Africa (the Alex in the title is actually short for Alexandria, where the hero wants to drink an Ice Cold Beer) only we have many more themes than the death and destruction that armed conflict brings to the world.


Seeing this film, one cannot help but think of the present war in Europe…it seemed that this calamity will be gone, becoming a relic of the past, as the luminary Yuval Harari argues in his marvelous books – one of them is the fabulous Homo Sapiens A Brief History of Tomorrow http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/homo-deus-brief-history-of-tomorrow-by.html humankind has reached a stage where prosperity, harmony more or less appeared to dominate the prognosis, until Putin has started his vicious ‘special operation’


Captain Anson, played by magnificent John Mills in the motion picture, has so many of the traits of the role model, without being Superman or Batman, he is courageous, resilient, kind, determined, able to cope with adversity and trauma, devoted, and the list can go on, there will probably be more admiring words to associate with him, however much he can sink into despair and show his vulnerability.

Given the immense stress, the trauma of the war, the captain has taken to drinking, to the point where he has become addicted, an alcoholic maybe we would say, but since he is given the task of taking this army truck and people to Alexandria, he has to find a way to cope with his weakness, and now there is another thinker I need to quote, Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar, who kept saying in his positive psychology lectures http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/07/positive-psychology-on-youtube-by.html ‘learn to fail, or fail to learn’, as one of the load stars, the most important rules we need to remember


The Harvard Professor mentions Edison and the ten thousand failed attempts to find the solution for artificial lighting, it took 10,000 failures for Edison to give the world the light bulb, albeit when asked, the inventor replied that ‘he did not fail, but just proved ten thousand ways that do not work’ something along these lines, but clearly this is not a quote…there is the example of a man who has reached the zenith in his career and life, committing suicide when faced with a serious crisis, because he had never had the chance to…fail

The small group of British subjects encounter the Germans, and a Captain vand der Poel (brilliantly brought to the screen by Anthony Quayle) the latter claiming to be a South African who knows German, thus being able to mediate, to influence the Germans and stop them from harming the travelling British.


However, early on, one of the nurses is wounded and then dies of the injuries inflicted when they had come under fire, the others pretend she is still alive, so that they could appeal to the humanity of the Nazis and make them allow for their progress towards a hospital, so that she can be saved, when this happens, we think maybe it would be all right, if not smooth sailing, at least we do not anticipate the obstacles to come

The South African (spoiler alert) is not what he claims, and somehow, the captain, sister Diana and Pugh realize that they have an enemy within their small group, they expose the -should we call him traitor, I guess it is the right label for someone who claims to share your values, and then you find he is actually in the other camp…incidentally, Aristotle spoke of the two crucial elements of tragedy, discovery and reversal, as in Oedipus http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/03/oedipus-rex-by-sophocles-and-adapted-by.html when the messenger comes and we have discovery and the upturn that makes the king take out his eyes, for he had killed his father and married his mother, in ignorance, and now he finds about it


Ice Cold in Alex is a splendid, magical film, something we should give young people in school to watch, so that they can learn how to be brave, munificent, loyal, resilient, see about Delayed Gratification, gratitude and so much more http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world and I took part in my own little war, as it is described here http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html

One of The Most Remarkable Films of 2022 - Corsage

62 out of 100 for The Rythm Section

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Compartment No. 6 aka Hytti nro 6 based on the book by Rosa Liksom, Winner of The Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 - 10 out of 10


Compartment No. 6 aka Hytti nro 6 based on the book by Rosa Liksom, Winner of The Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival in 2022

10 out of 10



This note is Not about the book, these are some thoughts on the film based on Hytti nro 6, this is stated clearly, from the very start, anticipating with vanity a few objections  - hopefully there will be many complaints , for that would mean an important audience, which will then increase…I have watched last night a part of a BBC program dedicated to Andrew Tate and the phenomenon he represents, this is a badass individual who lives near here (in jail right now) and has been around for many years (let us say seven, though I am not really sure and do not care to check online) and came to my attention during the screening of…Glass Onion, where he is the model for that male chauvinist eejit,  that dies quite early.


My daughter told me about the self-proclaimed misogynist, and then bang, a week or so later, he is in the news, arrested for allegedly abusing women (rape accusations have been made, apparently) and forcing a number into sex work, online and maybe otherwise, and they were discussing on the BBC show about what this means, how he has an army of idiot followers that spread his venom on the net, even when this Tate is banned from some platforms and how if it is Controversial, then it attracts the attention of the algorithms and then bingo, these fellas have millions of followers and billions of views.

We have heard this before, what with the Facebook now Meta whistle blower and others, exposing the manner in which these social networks make billions, by getting something which is goddamn awful, commented on and then shared to create more participation and then monsters like Trump and this latest small Mephistopheles cum Sade make fortunes, financial,  or/and accumulate political capital, form some sort of sects, cults and are able to poison the atmosphere with their bile and dejections…


Perhaps putting a note on film, attached to a book that is just the original material is just using the formula of these diabolical ruffians, scoundrels and criminals, on a very small scale, but still hoping that someone will object and then Thunderstruck, there are seven reactions to this material, instead of the usual one or zero, and that would represent a massive four hundred percent rise in target reach…

Nonetheless, the explanation for this small gimmick is that there is no entry for the motion picture with the same name – and there should be, for this is an important movie, not some obscure entry, like RRR (just joking here) this rather irritating fare [for yours truly] has actually had a massive success, what with Golden Globe nomination for Best Film in a Foreign Language, and one win for Best Song – like we have for say The Banshees of Inisherin http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/the-banshees-of-inisherin.html which is in my book the Best Motion Picture of 2022 by a long shot and one of the best of the century


Laura, played by excellent Seidi Haarla, is the heroine of the narrative, an archeologist determined to see the petroglyphs near Murmansk, in the far north (actually, I have not checked on the map, but somehow, this is where I guess it is) even when the situation is Kafkaesque, and they tell her once she arrives at this god forgotten place that there is no way in winter, no road, impossible in other words…

On the train, she is assigned a place in second class (there is a third, and this is where maybe 170 humans sleep all lined up in the same train carriage…I am using hyperbole here) and this where she will spend, along with the audience, more than half of the story, together with this outré Russian fellow, called Ljoha and portrayed by talented Yuri Borisov, who will make the public think about what is he up to, right to the end and after that


When we meet this young man, he is dead drunk, mumbling words, asking offensive questions like ‘are you selling your ‘pisku’ which would be cunt in Russian, if they spell it like this, and then he tries to abuse, even rape the woman that has to share a compartment with him for days on end (how many were there, by the way, let me know) – Laura tries to change her place, only to be told by the female conductor (quite impersonal, cold, a touch hostile in the beginning, but changing to more affable, quite friendly posture in the story) that this is impossible, a fact confirmed by the attempts to ask passengers if this or that place is free, which are met with negative answers…in the end, she returns to Number 6

It is tempting for this cinephile to label Ljoha and pour some disdain on the archetype, because I am biased, prejudiced, quite hateful, for two giant reasons, first, I attribute a large (huge really) part of the blame for what is going wrong in this realm, mentality, corruption, backwardness, financial turmoil, vile dinosaurs that still rule, with some of the Stalinist rules and aspirations in mind (not the most vicious, but still, quite ruthless) to the heritage brought in by Soviets (they stole a lot from here too)


We are at the end of the line in the European Union (just rejected in the application to join the Schengen free travel zone) and economic, social, and other indicators put us far behind, when in fact,  about one hundred years ago we were justified in hoping for progress, thank you…then Stalin and the Russian people (there was one slogan telling the population that ‘Stalin and the Russian people have brought us…happiness’) came in with their calamitous system and brought us to the early Middle Ages, what with Ceausescu and our own apparatchiks we suffered from cold, hunger, lack of liberty, brain washing…the other day, a doctor was telling me in the sauna of the Downtown World Class (don’t be fooled, it is just a preposterous, flamboyant name for what is a quite lousy service, they pour soap down the drain because they do not bother to fix the damn thing, and at the same time they close the Jacuzzi for saving, with one hand they throw money, pollute the environment, and with the other they cut your pleasure down) that Zelensky and Putin are both idiots, which is quod erat demonstrandum, that the repugnant, monstrous Russian Soviet propaganda machine still works…I mean that fucked up doctor is just one failed commissar, with commies still in power, he would be an efficient agent of the regime, the wealth he brags about has been accumulated with corrupt money, with his salary he would have never have had the properties which he shows off…the Russians would better take those, so that Putin’s admirer and traitor to our cause could take a dose of that foul medicine…the cure is this, here: http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world

I took part in the 1989 Revolution that dispatched Ceausescu, as documented at http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html

93 out of 100 for Ballad of A White Cow

73 out of 100 for Les Visiteurs 3

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She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/12/one-of-most-important-movies-of-2022.html - 10 out of 10

 She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/12/one-of-most-important-movies-of-2022.html

10 out of 10



These lines are Not about the book, they are about the film based on the work which has been listed as a Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Nonfiction in 2019 and it has caused a furore, that we have all seen in the news, on television, social media and it has resulted in a massive change in society…after writing a little, I see that I am In The Mood For Love, not as in that fabulous movie, but to scribble here and get far away from the subject, so this is not a spoiler, but an alert anyway, it will not be interesting


The transformations have been massive, but let me just mention one I have learned from The Cultural program of the National Television – incidentally, it is good it has returned after a hiatus of a few years…it had made no sense for them to eliminate it, after all, what is the purpose of the channels funded by public money, if not to promote arts and culture, there are more than one hundred offers that are commercial, inviting audiences to see Turkish soap operas, travel shows, medicine, architecture…

There are in fact five or ten religious platforms, Pentecostal, orthodox and a few other variations that I have not identified and I am not all that keen on -I am an atheist, until there is an epiphany, a miracle, or maybe I get convinced by Pascal’s wager, which invites us to believe in god, because if he is not up there, we have lost nothing, but if he does have the advertised powers, realms of heaven and hell, then we are in trouble if we do not follow the holy texts, then there is that other argument, where ‘Anselm claims to derive the existence of God from the concept of a being than which no greater can be conceived…St. Anselm reasoned that, if such a being fails to exist, then a greater being—namely, a being than which no greater can be conceived, and which exists—can be conceived’


However, there was this program the other day, centered on the latest list issued by The British Film Institute https://www.bfi.org.uk/sight-and-sound/greatest-films-all-time and the conclusion was that the MeToo movement has changed the perspective and the list, where there are women directors and indeed, the first place is taken by a film that I have never heard of, and I realize that I need to see, even if it is long and in the style of Italian Neorealism, where if someone ‘peels potatoes, boils water,  then we see all those things, which are avoided by the commercial movies’ as the excellent critic Andrei Gorzo was explaining.

Indeed, Jeanne Dielman, which is the best film ever, according to the BFI list, there is one that comes every ten years, so this is the latest, will have audiences watch as the protagonist is cleaning the house, taking a bath, and performing ordinary tasks, which has had the public in cinemas express disapproval or worse.


If we do not understand a motion picture, we should allow the others to enjoy it, this is something the other guest in the cultural program was saying…I remember seeing The Stalker when I was about seventeen and falling asleep in the Studio cinema hall, looking again at this work of art, included on the BFI list, I was not awed by the artistic accomplishment, and must confess I do not get the hidden messages, or the other symbolism, hermetic or open as it may be, it is too deep and clever for yours truly.

Trying to say a few things about She Said, it is a rewarding, compelling and satisfying motion picture, one of the most important in 2022, albeit it has not been nominated for major Golden Globes, unless I am mistaken and they took into account the performances…and yes, now I remember seeing Carey Mulligan listed for some of the important trophies, she is Megan Twohey in the narrative and she does a good job


Carey Mulligan is not my favorite artist, in fact, there is something in her manner, style, approach to her roles that disagrees with this cinephile, only I know it is my fault, so mea culpa, it is a shortcoming, I do not get the ‘vibes’ and though I can see she is talented and acclaimed, nominated for her work multiple times, and winning quite a few trophies, there is an allergy, or as I said, a challenge, a handicap I must have, and the blindness in that spot translates into being unable to enjoy her performances.

In fact, I have appreciated much more Zoe Kazan (would she be related to the famous director, easy to find on the net, but what would be the point…there is a recent backlash against nepotism in films, Hollywood and American cinema maybe, criticism that the children of stars become employed in the industry, but then tom Hanks responded to this and said something like ‘if there is a family business, different generations take care of the store or the small business, nobody complains…we have it in our genes and then the audiences judge the result’ and this makes so much sense, if they risk and put in productions people that are related, but then the public does not relate to their presence, the movies will flop, tank…


Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor (the excellent Zoe Kazan) investigate and expose Harvey Weinstein, the monster that is now looking at a life time in prison, one who has raped, abused, harassed multiple women, who have had to see him naked, masturbating and generally doing and asking for horrible things, blackmailing and using his powerful position as one of the most powerful men in the industry to extract favors, massages, sex and other, ruining the career of those who did not submit to his will.

For a long time, women have been unable to speak about this, there have been non-disclosure agreements, punishing contracts, threats, phone calls, the pressure and fear of knowing what a powerful, wealthy man can do to a woman, but eventually, the victims have started to speak out and the role that Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey played was massive, crucial, they have been the successors of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein http://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2017/10/note-on-all-presidents-men-writer.htm in the new age, just as Woodward and Bernstein have exposed Watergate and then president Richard Nixon has had to resign, those two phenomenal women have eliminated another titanic monster


Winner of The Grand Prix at The Cannes Film Festival - Compartment No 6

78 out of 100 for The Last of Us, 1

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Under the Skin by Michel Faber, one of the 1,000 Novels Everyone Must Read https://www.theguardian.com/books/2009/jan/19/1000-novels-comedy-part-one - 7 out of 10


Under the Skin by Michel Faber, one of the 1,000 Novels Everyone Must Read https://www.theguardian.com/books/2009/jan/19/1000-novels-comedy-part-one

7 out of 10



‘Somerset Maugham shacking up with Ian McEwan’ is what you are to expect here, unless you feel like me and reject that notion, the former is one of the top five writers in my book http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-casual-affair-by-somerset-maugham.html and the former would be with the best twenty, while Michel Faber comes nowhere near that, gifted and acclaimed as he is


The problem (or some of part of it anyhow) lies with the desperate search for more positive material – Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar has had the most popular course in the history of that perennial institution http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/07/positive-psychology-on-youtube-by.html and among the leit motifs he used was “Words Create Worlds’, thus if the landscape in the book is apocalyptic then the mood cannot be sunny

Sometimes it does not work on those specific lines, we can feel liberated and so lucky to have our life, with its plagues and tribulations, but better than in Under the Skin, and furthermore, we cannot reject Leo Tolstoy http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/04/anna-karenina-by-leo-tolstoy.html just because the heroine dies at the end, and this is a naturalistic image, we are shown the body on the tracks…


However, I see Ian McEwan as superior in any of the maybe 6 novels I have read http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/08/the-comfort-of-strangers-by-ian-mcewan.html to Michel Faber, regardless of the arbitrary judgment on that, based mostly on the repulsion felt for the subject…never been an ardent fan of Science Fiction, never mind horror genre, where aliens mutilate and fatten humans to turn them into meat

There are expectations to the rules, and if the novelist has achieved divine status, as is the case for His Holiness Kingsley Amis, in spite of the fact that both of us (what a thrill to talk about ‘us’, placing the Godly figure in the same space with his church member) reject God – Kingsley Amis has said it is not that he does not believe, he hates Him http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/12/the-friends-of-plonk-by-kingsley-amis.html


In The Friends of Plonk, we are following Simpson (if that was his name) into a dystopian future where land the size of Europe will have been destroyed in an atomic war, which has also annihilated vines, barley and other crops used for alcohol and a society of people is trying to overcome this catastrophe, the loss of tradition – they will have passed through another period of prohibition- to make…plonk


In some ways, it is astonishing how accurate Magister Ludi Kingsley Amis has been in his predictions, that is that the American election will be won by a Rosicrucian, which I take it to be the clear sign that this is a weird dude, when we have seen this happening, and if Trump is as godless as can be, such a badass (this being not cool, interesting or anything but a monster) became the most powerful man in the world


To begin with, Under The Skin was interesting enough – mind you, given the high opinion others have of the opus, we should conclude that this is a very good read…let me just mention a comedian that used the quintessential If by Magister Rudyard Kipling (I have read that he was the equivalent of a rock star, someone as famous as Mick Jagger, you know of him surely, in his time) http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/06/if-by-rudyard-kipling-one-of-most.html in a creative, sarcastic, efficient way, saying ‘If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…’then there is something wrong with you and you should have your head examined, which makes sense

If more accomplished bozos say this is one of the Must Read Novels, who am I to deny it, ‘if all are blaming it on me’, besides, I see that this is interesting, nay, let us raise the stakes, the debut is more than enticing, with the reader challenged to guess, decipher the mystery of the ‘girl’ Isserley, who is taking hitchhikers.


There is a sense that something is wrong – first using The Thin slicing explained in the fundamental Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking http://realini.blogspot.com/2013/05/blink-power-of-thinking-without.html by Malcolm Gladwell, then thinking of Chekhov’ Gun Law, which states that one should not introduce anything that will not be important to the plot, ‘'If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off’

When we see her with the German traveler, then she is burning his things, backpack and all, then we must assume that the gun has gone off, even if this is a subtle way of telling us it did…we have not seen or heard it, we just use logic, if the things are destroyed, there must have been foul play, but wait, what if it is more complicated?


Indeed, this is very promising, for there is the chance that the man is still out there – and he is, spoiler alert, needed somewhere above, where it is stated that we are dealing with an alien that kidnaps humans to have them mutilated and then turned into meat for…consumption, ugh – and then we sympathize with the creature (still thought to be human until I decided to drop out) that has suffered an operation and men want her for sex, but as in the case of one, he is disgusted by her looks and thinks of felatio, so that he cannot see her face  - perhaps wrongfully, I decided to read a little about the book and then found out what the story is proposing and lost appetite to follow what I took for a human being and now knew to be a creation that does harm to us, poor males (I think it was just males, but who knows) and as a result I stopped and went back to doing my regular thing, which is what you see here http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world

A Highlight of 2022 - Aftersun

77 out of 100 for Heavens Above

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Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes or My Donkey, My Lover and I, inspired by Travels With A Donkey in the Cevennes by Robert Louis Stevenson https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/11/92-out-of-100-for-antoinette-dans-les.html - 9 out of 10


Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes or My Donkey, My Lover and I, inspired by Travels With A Donkey in the Cevennes by Robert Louis Stevenson https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/11/92-out-of-100-for-antoinette-dans-les.html

9 out of 10



As it should be clear, or at the very least deductible from the title of this note, the lines to come here are Not about the original work of Robert Louis Stevenson, but about the rather impressive My Donkey, My Lover and I, an impressive motion picture (which might be available on HBO Max in your area, if you are interested), nominated for Best Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, the latter won by the effervescent, dazzling, superb Laure Calamy at the Cesars…


The Cesars might be the French Oscars, only we have the Palme d’Or and the Cannes Film Festival (Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes has been officially selected there) and the Palme is to me the most important cinematic prize of all, indicated value, a worthwhile motion picture if it was nominated, more than the Oscar would work as a valid stamp of approval, unless we have the rare occurrence when a work of art wins both, the Palme and the Academy Award for Best Movie, as it happened in the case of Parasite http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/08/parasite-written-by-jin-won-han-and.html perhaps the only time

who knows, we could have a repeat this year with Triangle of Sadness, which has won the Palme d’Or last year, has been nominated for Best Motion Picture at The Golden Globes, if I am not mistaken, and looks like having a shot for the list of ten nominees for Best Film at the Oscars, though the chances are maybe one in two hundred, with my personal favorite this year being The Banshees of Inisherin…


indeed, I see The Banshees of Inisherin as by far the best production of 2022 (and I would give the Oscars and all else to the whole cast, director, script, everything) and one of the best 100 ever http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/the-banshees-of-inisherin.html a work of art that has in common with Antoinette Dans Les Cevennes a…donkey, there is the miniature pet that the hero has on the island, called Jenny, and in The Travels in The Cevennes, we have another animal, more stubborn…

we learn from the outstanding The Reivers by Nobel Prize laureate and one of the greatest writers, William Faulkner, that donkeys are among the most intelligent creatures, the fabulous author places them ahead of cats, dogs and horses…’ a donkey is too smart, do not pet it, for he knows you do not love him and he will feel insulted’, I have placed commas, not because it is an exact quote, I hope it comes close to what Faulkner has written, but I could not pretend this is my discovery, never had a donkey…

come to think of it, the borzoi that have landed in my lap come close to the size of Jenny, there have been…five(5) around here, because the spouse felt there must be (I said no, for these are giant breed dogs, so you can consider their immensity and count about 25 small dogs to make up about the same tonnage) and now for instance, in the next hour or so, I need to take the remaining one out, so that he can pee…


why do I have to do this…it beats me, for I have protested vehemently, especially at the arrival of this fellow that lies in the room next to this one – to show how much of a disagreement over his presence there was and is, my spouse and daughter call him Shine aka Shinny, and I insist on and use Cheyenne, as from the American Native tribe, with the meaning that he must be one of the last (the very last, Insha’Allah) of his species around here, and then it comes close to Shine, so not to have the poor bugger confused, they look wonderful, graceful and all, they have been the pets of the czars and the Russian nobles, Tolstoy had them and mentions the breed in – what was it, Anna Karenina or is it War and Peace – his magnum opera, but they are not especially noted for their brightness or obedience…

we have two macaws that are sitting around, in this office cum their working, screaming and shitting place – ‘beautiful plumage’ to quote Michael Palin in the Norwegian Blue Sketch, wherein John Cleese brings in a Norwegian Blue (the name they give for what is in fact a blue and gold macaw) that had just been purchased and now is dead, hence he wants to register a complaint, with Palin moving the stuffed bird to claim it is ‘moving, and then just resting’, however he offers a slug, in exchange for the dead pet in what is a hilarious work http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/05/and-now-for-something-completely.html


Antoinette Lapouge aka Laure Calamy has an affair with the father of one of her pupils, for she is a school teacher, upset to hear that the man she desires is going away on holiday, and she will not see him for quite some time…unless, of course, she does something about it, which is quite outré and audacious, for she knows he is going in the wilderness of the mountains and then she takes the same itinerary.

Robert Louis Stevenson we find from a man that keeps a chalet in these remote parts, together with his wife, has been in these parts – therefore the inspiration for the motion picture, Travels With A Donkey In The Cevennes  - to try to overcomes the sadness caused by the departure of a married woman…Robert Louis Stevenson would eventually take the long trip across the Atlantic (no airplanes in his time, just the long boat trip) and then another exhausting journey across America, all the way to San Francisco.


That is if I remember the story well, with its happy ending, for the pursuit of that lady is successful, albeit we have to find out if Antoinette is just as blessed, what with her troubles along the route, where she is alone with her companion, Patrick, who does not want to cooperate at times, making the public wonder if we are going to have a dead protagonist on our hands, out there in the wilderness…

Nonetheless, spoiler alert, this does not happen, no bear or pack of wolves kills the intrepid, determined, amorous, resilient, brave woman, who has a Face Off with the wife, in a rather amusing episode (there are a few actually) when the spouse sees that there is something going on, and she has a quite funny and harsh soliloquy…about Realini, there is this http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/05/and-now-for-something-completely.html and another innuendo http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world

78 out of 100 for Ci Troviamo In Galleria

62 out of 100 for Golden Globe Nominee for Best Film in a Foreign Langua...

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Rutan by Ruben Ostlund, director and writer of The Palme D’Or Winner The Square http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-square-written-and-directed-by.html and two more masterpieces and…another Palme winner – Triangle of Sadness https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2023/01/one-of-best-films-of-2022-triangle-of.html - 10 out of 10


Rutan by Ruben Ostlund, director and writer of The Palme D’Or Winner The Square http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/01/the-square-written-and-directed-by.html and two more masterpieces and…another Palme winner – Triangle of Sadness  https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2023/01/one-of-best-films-of-2022-triangle-of.html

10 out of 10



To win the Palme D’Or once is an extraordinary achievement, but to reach this zenith twice, and in the timeframe of just five years is indeed a miracle, which is what Ruben Ostlund is able to deliver, for there is another proof of his massive talent, Force Majeure http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/08/note-on-force-majeure-written-and.html not as familiar as The Square, but a formidable work of art.


In Force Majeure there is a little avalanche that seems to be sweeping away and engulfing the terrace where the main characters are sitting, along with other customers, and when this danger appears imminent, pater familias takes off, leaving spouse and two children behind to…well, save his skin and survive.

This is the point he is trying to make in the aftermath of this debacle, that it was the instinct, the survival mechanism that took over, after all, we have programmed a ‘fight or flight’ attitude, explained in the quintessential Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by luminary Malcolm Gladwell http://realini.blogspot.com/2013/05/blink-power-of-thinking-without.html with the help of The Thin Slicing Theory, we form opinions, take decisions (often the wrong ones, see the shooting down of a commercial airplane by the aircraft carrier Vincennes, described in the chef d’oeuvre) in seconds


Hollywood has looked at this titanic Force Majeure and launched a remake, called Downhill http://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2020/05/downhill-among-birds-of-paradise.html which is alas what the result is, when compared with the original, the version with the skilled Julia Louis Dreyfuss and extremely amusing (generally, not very much here) Will Ferrell is all way down, a much less successful endeavor, where the deep, solid, challenging analysis from the Ruben Ostlund original is replaced with attempts to be funny.

Admittedly, you could take the run of the pater familias in that register, there is all this snow tumbling down, and what does he do, looks for an exit for himself – I just watched a clip attached to IMDB and saw how they jokes about the filming, and how the fellow with the Silent Bob (caricatured by Bill Maher, who said that if you are an adult wearing shorts always, you cannot be taken seriously, or something along those lines, Insha’Allah) was laughing about telling his wife that he would run too, in the same circumstances


There is a legitimate impulse to find cover, when there is danger, the ancestors that took flight (or fought when necessary) where the ones that transmitted their genes, and we have this survival instinct built in, clearly, it is sine qua non for the species, which otherwise would not survive, but the motion picture is sublime in that it offers, different points of view, because there is evidently something to be said about trying to save your family, not just running for cover and letting them perish…


Nonetheless, the point of this note is not about Force Majeure – actually, it is so damn good that a note especially dedicated to it should, or must be planned right now…comment, like share, fund through PayPal or whatever, so that I can get to put down by essential contribution in the next days 0 but more about Triangle of Sadness…yes, I know, you are asking (if you are still here) what the hell does this have to do with Triangle and the answer is Ruben Ostlund is the Magister Ludi that won the Palme D’Or twice, once for The Square and in 2022 for The Triangle, only there is no entry on goodreads for it.

Yes, I tried to create it, but one has to be a librarian to be allowed to execute this sacrament, hence, why not say a few words here, about a fantastic movie, clearly one of the best of the year and of this century – we can have a surprise and see it winning both the Palme and Oscar for Best Film, like the glorious Parasite http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/08/parasite-written-by-jin-won-han-and.html did four years ago, only this is would be a chance in a thousand – with major themes debated, modern, amusing, solid, a landmark.


Take the beginning and the satire (which is used all the way through) the comparison between Balenciaga, where they look down on people, those who wear this and the other hugely expensive, exclusive as in this is the point, it is no longer deluxe, when you see it all over the place, brands have the arrogance of the wealthy, while H&M is more accessible (at least for the rich world) and it comes with a (perhaps) authentic, Duchene smile http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-tip-top-club-by-garrison-keillor.html

Incidentally, a research looked at the importance of the Duchene smile (what am I saying, there must be thousands of studies on the matter) and saw that those who smile in the photos taken at the end of college have more successful private and professional lives – they went to see how they are doing, after say two, five, seven and more years – than the people who had not smiled in the albums made at the end of school.


We can say that we have a sort of ‘class struggle’ on the yacht and later down the road in the narrative, with the well to do benefiting from all that money can buy, while the working classes have to clean up after their shit (literally, and then there is also a massive vomiting session, which could be listed here as one of the few objections I have to what is a near perfect work of art…yes, one fat cat pouring his, her, their guts out is maybe even funny, a few would enhance the argument and maybe induce wellbeing among members of the public who could say ‘look at these fucking rich folks, badass and repugnant’, but when it gets to be a festival, it is pushing it too far for yours truly) and then we can also see what happens when the tables are turned, we have the overwhelming presence of one God of Cinema, Woody Harrelson, as the hilarious and always drunk captain, parting with a number of jokes on Marxists and others…it is a sublime chef d’oeuvre, a film that is not just memorable, but a classic already

One of The Best Films of 2022 - Triangle of Sadness

82 out of 100 for A Place Called Dignity aka Un Lugar Llamado Dignidad

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Red Lights based on the novel by Georges Simenon http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/06/red-lights-based-on-novel-by-georges.html - 10 out of 10


Red Lights based on the novel by Georges Simenon http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/06/red-lights-based-on-novel-by-georges.html

10 out of 10



This is such a fabulous movie that I have watched and enjoyed it twice, the note is about the film and Not the novel and I need to emphasize this from the start, so that I avoid an angry comment on that, for it has happened before, being told off and having to hear ‘how dare you’ or words to that effect, when this happens because I am modest and do not anticipate a large audience, if any, and therefore do not see anybody bothered.


Just in case, I will put down more words on the subject, so that nobody could say they did not realize – in the previous notes I mentioned, which were on the motion picture and not the material they were based on, I have mentioned that I am not talking about the book, but somehow the complainants had missed that, so now we have a whole quarter of the ‘review’ made up so that they must realize something is amiss – and then this would also be ab indication that you have to stop reading here…if you have not done it before.

According to The Thin Slicing Theory explained in the quintessential Blink – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by luminary Malcolm Gladwell http://realini.blogspot.com/2013/05/blink-power-of-thinking-without.html we are alone here by now, for we have an idea, form an opinion in the first few seconds of seeing someone, assessing a situation, let us just mention the situation where participants in the test have been shown some seconds with a professor (in one case, they even had the video muted) and then asked to evaluate, and when they asked those who have attended the course for a whole semester, they saw that the opinions were the same, in other words, we are often (or is it almost always) able to make the same analysis in seconds or in months, but this is not without flaws.


The same in this situation, those who have abandoned the text, because of the ramblings, will have missed on a very deep, clever, insightful look at a phenomenal film, Feux Rouges aka Red Lights http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/06/note-on-red-lights-based-on-novel-by.html this is the third interpretation, the link just listed is a video talk, made in the garden with the team, the two macaws, Balzac and Puccini, my eternal companions, who are in this office right now, only you could not see them, unless I will insert their picture in the document…but then you could use the link just to watch them…

Antoine is the main character of this story, however much this could be pushed back, a feminist perspective would reject this affirmation, asking why is Helene not just as or more important, but then we could look at the screen time (granted, that would be flawed, Dame Judy Dench has won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love http://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2017/07/note-on-shakespeare-in-love-written-by.html where she was on the big screen for very few minutes, only what a grand performance and what a stature that lady has)


That is indeed arbitrary, and I would also mention the case of Tar https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2023/01/one-of-best-in-2022-and-golden-globe.html for which Cate Blanchet has just won a Golden Globe and she is probably favorite to win another Oscar in the coming weeks, actually there will be about  a couple of months until the ceremony, but I would vote differently

No doubt, the performance of the winner of two Academy Awards -both for motion pictures that I did not particularly found exhilarating, and the acting of the leading actress less than overwhelming, Carol and Blue Jasmine http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/08/blue-jasmine-written-and-directed-by.html - is impressive and even I can see that there is much there to recommend some of the most prestigious awards.


Nonetheless, I would give the Oscar and all other acting prizes to Kerry Condon aka Siobhan, for her major contribution to what is by far the best film of 2022 and one of the top five movies of this century, The Banshees of Inisherin http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/the-banshees-of-inisherin.html

returning for a while to the subject, Antoine is driving with his wife, Helene, to take their children from the holiday camp, at the end of summer, back home, the trouble is that this is the busiest time of the year, the end of summer, and the protagonist is annoyed, then angered by the long time it takes to move, he is already inebriated and the tension is rising in the car, with every reckless maneuver he takes.


Furthermore, he stops to drink ever more, while his wife is waiting in the car, and she had already protested and told the souse that he is getting to be too much, when she warns him that if he enters this new bar, she would leave on her own and take the train…indeed, when he comes out, Helene is gone and though the alcoholic tries to use top speed, it will be a wild ride, that is clear, he cannot find his wife at the station.

Antoine is chasing now after the train, driving like mad and drunk on top of it, to arrive at the next stop before his spouse, and this is when things get even more complicated, for we have heard already on the news that a dangerous convict had escaped and using the Chekhov Gun Law http://realini.blogspot.com/2018/06/vanya-on-42nd-street-based-on-uncle.html if we show a gun in the first act, we must use it in the second or third act, so we have to meet the running criminal, together with our ‘hero’


The main character is kidnapped in a way, just as he had held his wife hostage, prisoner in a car more or less out of control, and there is a confrontation between the inebriated driver and his passenger, with a climax wherein we see that one of them is likely to get out of the picture, with more chances for the stronger fellow, younger, sober, experienced in inflicting pain and infuriated to the point where Antoine may have become not just useless, but an obstacle, one who may pay for his addiction, the pain he caused others


87 out of 100 for Guernica

84 out of 100 for Decision to Leave

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The Forgiven – note on the film based on the novel by Lawrence Osborne – another note on the motion picture is here https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/10/one-of-my-favorites-in-past-years.html - 10 out of 10


The Forgiven – note on the film based on the novel by Lawrence Osborne – another note on the motion picture is here https://notesaboutfilms.blogspot.com/2022/10/one-of-my-favorites-in-past-years.html

10 out of 10



Spoiler alerts first – this note is Not about the novel, it is about the wondrous motion picture based on the work and normally there would not be a need to comment much about it, if at all, it is just that in the past, there have been a few scores of films that I loved, felt the need to express admiration and gratitude, without thinking that some, or anybody, might read and find it objectionable.


Only there have been maybe five, or ten comments in all, rejecting the notion that I could put my feelings down in connection with the novel, when all I know is about the movie and have not read the book, which is a pertinent condemnation, except I had mentioned the note is not about the opus, and when I find the script listed, I relate to that http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/the-banshees-of-inisherin.html

Only the other day, I had the chance to see what I rate as the best film of 2022, and by a long shot, and one of the best made this century and ever, and could find on goodreads the name and had the choice to rate and place a review either with the director or the script writer, there were two entries…as it is, the site limits the right to add a new book or film to librarians, or else I would have tried to do so myself for The Forgiven.


For that matter, maybe someone will introduce The Fabelmans, which has won the Golden Globes for Best Film in the Drama category (the Best Comedy or Musical trophy went to The Banshees of Inisherin), Best Director for Steven Spielberg, and I would have felt like writing a few words about this motion picture, which is very good, but pales when placed to The Banshees of Inisherin for this cinephile…

Then we arrive at The Forgiven, which impressed me more than The Fabelmans and I would put behind The Banshees, but on the same level with the other outstanding art works made in 2022, such as Argentina, 1985 http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/01/one-of-best-films-of-2022-argentina-1985.html wherein Ricardo Darin and all the cast shine and give audiences one of the best possible performances


In The Forgiven we have the privilege of watching the marvelous Ralph Fiennes navigate the stream of the plot, in a very complex, challenging role, that of David Henniger, one who is repellant, perhaps for most of the time, but whose fate somehow does not feel like needing to bring him in front of the executioner.


There is an extravagant party organized in Morocco, at a remote, lavish palatial home, which is now available for very wealthy visitors, where the guests indulge in excessive consumption of various drugs, they horrify the conservative locals – the latter are fortunately not within miles of the residence, but we can see the contempt that the employees show for these degenerate, sinful foreigners…

On the way to the party David Henniger is driving, though he should not, for he has drunk quite enough to impair his abilities and senses, and suddenly, there is a young man in front of the SUV and the impact is fatal…we have to say that the victim was waiting with his friend and accomplice to rob them


In other words, we have a rewarding narrative, in which we do not have to look at characters that are painted in black or white, we have shades in between and even the most abject of the personages, David, has to pay for his awful behavior, the terrible man he has been, and maybe he will suffer some transformation.

Besides, he may have to pay and we are waiting to see what happens, how will he die – this time, this is not spoiler alert, for this is not about what happens, it is just the certainty we (at least I had) have when we see the developments, how the father of the dead boy arrives at the fiesta of the infidel and in what mood he is in…


The father will ask the man who killed his son to come along with him and the other two men that accompany him, and though David rejects the very idea in the first place, he may have to accept the notion that he needs to be present at the funeral, to participate in the rituals so that he may be The Forgiven

Meanwhile, his wife, Jo aka the always miraculous Jessica Chastain, will involve in her own perhaps not so condemnable activity, she will have sex with another man present at this extravanza, while her husband may or may not survive his trip in the desert, to meet the family of the deceased and take their punishment, or may be escape it…


As always, I was mesmerized by the fantastic Ralph Fiennes and the minimalist, spectacular manner in which he took on the role, without excess, avoiding any false note, rendering a monster, but who happens to be a human being, perhaps taken out to die, without being judged, and in the end, guilty of the death of the young man, but not to the extent that he has to be executed, he had drunk, yes, and while driving, he was guilty of aggravated manslaughter, which is not premeditated murder and deserving of a trial…

Furthermore, if he was initially unrepentant and worse, showing all the disgusting aspects of his character, he seems to begin to understand, atone, he could go through a change, if not due to an epiphany, at least some reckoning and understanding of what he has done, he is not stupid, just psychopathic…

Two interesting things to add, I took part in the 1989 Revolution, as written in this Newsweek article

http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html  and I can do this http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world

83 out of 100 for It Comes At Night

78 out of 100 for Tais Toi

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The Banshees of Inisherin http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world - 10 out of 10


The Banshees of Inisherin http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world

10 out of 10



We have seen The Banshees of Inisherin yesterday and what a joy, a treat this motion picture is, it looks like it is the best by far, ahead of Tar, where Cate Blanchet shines as usual, only the main character is not really the one we would love to see around, a lesbian in a quite negative (well, complex is more like it, but still, she has some dark sides that make you shiver, spoiler alert) role, which is a premiere in some ways.


Were this space to have a real audience, I would need to justify the above, or else face public opprobrium, let us just say that roles for the LGBTQ+ community have been modeled to show a difference, you could not make those minorities the ‘bad guy, woman or other’, because of the history, only the equality seems to have been achieved, and now you can watch Tar unleash the dark materials on people…

The Banshees is a real feast, makes me think of Parasite as a recent revelation, a film made in the last few years that manages to almost astonish in its daring, complexity, surprises, solutions, themes and freshness, the cast of the acclaimed In Bruges reunites, less Ralph Fiennes, but the two leading actors giving marvelous performances, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson both deserve the Oscars, for best actor in a leading and supporting role respectively, just as Kerry Condon should get hat and all other cinematic awards for her presence as Siobhan, the sister of poor Padraic, a very sad fellow who gets quite angry at one stage.


This film has it all, serious themes, humor you can seldom find, if often bloody and very dark…there is discussion of religion, how God does not care about miniature donkeys – and he should, let me refer to the fabulous The Reivers by William Faulkner http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/10/the-reivers-reminiscence-by-william.html where the great Nobel Prize winner explains some of the psychology of the donkey ‘he knows you do not love him, and feels insulted when you pet him…the donkey would be the smartest animal, followed by cats, dogs and lastly horses’ – but he is very much against self-mutilation

Colm is confessing to the priest, but the latter is informed and knows about the quarrel between the former and Padraic – in fact, Padraic is somehow the victim to begin with, he is dull, but a good fellow and had done nothing to deserve the complete and unexpected rejection from somebody who used to be his drinking partner – and when asked how does he know, he retorts that this is a small island.


One of the most amazing things about this marvelous film is that it is apparently so simple as to make one doubt if this could really be one of the best films of 2022 – and again, it is not just one of the, but the very best I have seen –


We have these two men, Colm and Padraic, who had been drinking and spending time together, up to the point where the former decides he does not like the latter anymore, and wants to have nothing to do with him in the future (spoiler alerts coming) because he is such a dull fellow, and he has little time left.

Now we contemplate the theme of the meaning of life, the passing of time with worthwhile endeavors, the need to have meaningful goals and then commit to them, something explained in the wondrous The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/07/the-how-of-happiness-by-sonja.html-‘ Happiness Activity No 10: Committing to Your Goals-picking one, two or three significant goals that are meaningful to you and devoting time and effort to pursue them’


Colm wants to compose music, mentions Mozart – everybody knows about him, Padraic denies having heard of the composer, and thus ‘out goes your theory’ – as one composer of the seventeenth century – he will be corrected by clever, well-read Siobhan…who will have to leave this place, or else she will get entangled and sucked into the emptiness, the solitude, banality of the island…they are all dull, as she says

Padraic is hilarious when he mentions Beoven (if he did say that) he uses a name that suggests he is thinking of Beethoven, but the uneducated islander does not come close to the real name of the Magister Ludi, or better said just close enough for the audience to laugh at the hint and the ignorance…


Colm has had enough of dullness and invites the public to meditate, use introspection, think if we do the best we can to avid wasting our own time – Seneca has said that life is not short, we have time, only we waste so much with useless endeavors http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/the-tao-of-seneca-by-seneca-one-of.html

the man takes a drastic decision and will not talk with the dull Padraic anymore, he only has a few years left as it is, and people do not remember the ‘good, ordinary folks’, as aforementioned, it is Mozart and the great that will stand the test of time, and Colm seems to be concentrated on that…he does have a lapse though.


When Padraic gets drunk and starts showing courage, standing up for himself and confronting and putting some hard truths out, Colm says he now likes him again…there is the problem of the policeman, who is abusing his son, Dominic, and who ones kicks Padraic to the ground and is in turn knocked off by Colm…poor Dominic is infatuated (I am not sure if love is the right word) with Siobhan, but he has no chance, the difference between them is greater in what they know, intelligence, than it is in years, and the woman may find a way out of this quagmire, island where almost all are dull, or just very peculiar http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html