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Rutan by Ruben Ostlund, director and writer of The Palme D’Or Winner The Square and two more masterpieces and…another Palme winner – Triangle of Sadness - 10 out of 10


Rutan by Ruben Ostlund, director and writer of The Palme D’Or Winner The Square and two more masterpieces and…another Palme winner – Triangle of Sadness

10 out of 10



To win the Palme D’Or once is an extraordinary achievement, but to reach this zenith twice, and in the timeframe of just five years is indeed a miracle, which is what Ruben Ostlund is able to deliver, for there is another proof of his massive talent, Force Majeure not as familiar as The Square, but a formidable work of art.


In Force Majeure there is a little avalanche that seems to be sweeping away and engulfing the terrace where the main characters are sitting, along with other customers, and when this danger appears imminent, pater familias takes off, leaving spouse and two children behind to…well, save his skin and survive.

This is the point he is trying to make in the aftermath of this debacle, that it was the instinct, the survival mechanism that took over, after all, we have programmed a ‘fight or flight’ attitude, explained in the quintessential Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by luminary Malcolm Gladwell with the help of The Thin Slicing Theory, we form opinions, take decisions (often the wrong ones, see the shooting down of a commercial airplane by the aircraft carrier Vincennes, described in the chef d’oeuvre) in seconds


Hollywood has looked at this titanic Force Majeure and launched a remake, called Downhill which is alas what the result is, when compared with the original, the version with the skilled Julia Louis Dreyfuss and extremely amusing (generally, not very much here) Will Ferrell is all way down, a much less successful endeavor, where the deep, solid, challenging analysis from the Ruben Ostlund original is replaced with attempts to be funny.

Admittedly, you could take the run of the pater familias in that register, there is all this snow tumbling down, and what does he do, looks for an exit for himself – I just watched a clip attached to IMDB and saw how they jokes about the filming, and how the fellow with the Silent Bob (caricatured by Bill Maher, who said that if you are an adult wearing shorts always, you cannot be taken seriously, or something along those lines, Insha’Allah) was laughing about telling his wife that he would run too, in the same circumstances


There is a legitimate impulse to find cover, when there is danger, the ancestors that took flight (or fought when necessary) where the ones that transmitted their genes, and we have this survival instinct built in, clearly, it is sine qua non for the species, which otherwise would not survive, but the motion picture is sublime in that it offers, different points of view, because there is evidently something to be said about trying to save your family, not just running for cover and letting them perish…


Nonetheless, the point of this note is not about Force Majeure – actually, it is so damn good that a note especially dedicated to it should, or must be planned right now…comment, like share, fund through PayPal or whatever, so that I can get to put down by essential contribution in the next days 0 but more about Triangle of Sadness…yes, I know, you are asking (if you are still here) what the hell does this have to do with Triangle and the answer is Ruben Ostlund is the Magister Ludi that won the Palme D’Or twice, once for The Square and in 2022 for The Triangle, only there is no entry on goodreads for it.

Yes, I tried to create it, but one has to be a librarian to be allowed to execute this sacrament, hence, why not say a few words here, about a fantastic movie, clearly one of the best of the year and of this century – we can have a surprise and see it winning both the Palme and Oscar for Best Film, like the glorious Parasite did four years ago, only this is would be a chance in a thousand – with major themes debated, modern, amusing, solid, a landmark.


Take the beginning and the satire (which is used all the way through) the comparison between Balenciaga, where they look down on people, those who wear this and the other hugely expensive, exclusive as in this is the point, it is no longer deluxe, when you see it all over the place, brands have the arrogance of the wealthy, while H&M is more accessible (at least for the rich world) and it comes with a (perhaps) authentic, Duchene smile

Incidentally, a research looked at the importance of the Duchene smile (what am I saying, there must be thousands of studies on the matter) and saw that those who smile in the photos taken at the end of college have more successful private and professional lives – they went to see how they are doing, after say two, five, seven and more years – than the people who had not smiled in the albums made at the end of school.


We can say that we have a sort of ‘class struggle’ on the yacht and later down the road in the narrative, with the well to do benefiting from all that money can buy, while the working classes have to clean up after their shit (literally, and then there is also a massive vomiting session, which could be listed here as one of the few objections I have to what is a near perfect work of art…yes, one fat cat pouring his, her, their guts out is maybe even funny, a few would enhance the argument and maybe induce wellbeing among members of the public who could say ‘look at these fucking rich folks, badass and repugnant’, but when it gets to be a festival, it is pushing it too far for yours truly) and then we can also see what happens when the tables are turned, we have the overwhelming presence of one God of Cinema, Woody Harrelson, as the hilarious and always drunk captain, parting with a number of jokes on Marxists and others…it is a sublime chef d’oeuvre, a film that is not just memorable, but a classic already

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