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All of Me, based on a novel by Edwin Davis

All of Me, based on a novel by Edwin Davis

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-          "The funniest movie since Tootsie"

I am not claiming that, but that was the pretense of those who made the film.

Steve Martin is the star of this comedy.
Some of his films are excellent and have been included on the lists of best comedies ever made:

-          The Jerk, L.A. Story, Bowfinger

Other endeavors have not been great successes, to say the least.
His attempts at playing Clouseau, after the bar had been raised very high by Peter Sellers have failed.

That is my view.
All of me falls somewhere in between.

It is not Roxanne or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
But we cannot talk about It's Complicated either.

Lily Tomlinson is Edwina Cutwater and she is dying.
A very rich woman, she has this idea that her spirit would transfer to the body of a young, attractive woman named Terry Hoskins and portrayed by Victoria Tennant.

I am under the impression that the latter was- maybe she still is- the wife of Steve Martin.
He is Roger Cobb in this film and the lawyer of Edwina Cutwater.

There are so many jokes about the wretched lawyers in America.
And they have the highest rates of suicide, depression and divorce.

People should then feel compassion and not laugh at counselors.
But do you know that one with the shark and the lawyer?

A shark finds a lawyer who fell into the sea.
And he just swam by.

One of those on board the ship says

-          It is a miracle, an act of God!

But another replies:

-          No, just an act of professional courtesy!

Roger Cobb is not just skeptical of the transmigration of the soul of his client at the last moment, he is outright appalled by this witchcraft, mumbo jumbo...
But since this is a comedy, he is proven wrong.

As he walks by the building where Edwina is dying, the urn with special significance falls on to his head.
Under normal circumstances, in a film with claims to veracity, he would be dead.

But here we have to go along with the premise that spirits look for alternative bodies to get into...upon death.
So Edwina ends up in the body of her lawyer.

And if you get into the game, it can be funny.
Quite hilarious at times.

She has to hold his penis while he is urinating, because they inhabit different parts with alternative sleeping patterns.
In the courtroom, we have a performance similar, but prior to that in Liar, Liar.

As I thought back at this comedy, I realized that it is actually better than the average.

It is very good in most places.

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