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Pirate Radio written and directed by Richard Curtis

Pirate Radio written and directed by Richard Curtis

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With a Metascore on IMDB of only 58, it is evident that this film was not a success with the critics and I see why.
It is not the best experience you ever had in a cinema theater.

This is a pity, because the cast is As Good As It Gets:

-          Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson and many others

Emma Thompson has something more like a cameo appearance.
Her former husband, Kenneth Branagh is in the role of an obnoxious government minister and upper class bully.

The story of the movie seems preposterous in today’s world:

-          The British Government wanted classical music on radio and not the “decadent rock and roll” that audiences preferred

I like classical music, but imposing it as the only alternative is obviously a stupid thing to try and an infringement upon people’s rights.
A band of outlandish DJs is challenging this state of affairs.

And they did that from:

-          The Boat That Rocked

The protagonists are a varied bunch, with different views and preferences, life styles and sexual ideas and fantasies.

But they are united by a love of rock and roll.
And a determination to challenge the authorities, especially given the incredible attitude on the matter of music of the officials that try everything in order to get the radio off the air.

Some aspects of this movie are fine.
Others are just ridiculous or preposterous, but not that funny.

Indeed, at times I thought it is a pity that so much talent is involved in an average comedy, with few shining moments.
It is also a question of taste.

I could be wrong, but I am far from a fan of the other work of the director and writer of this film- Richard Curtis.
He is behind such projects as:

-          Love Actually, About Time, Bean

None of them is among my favorites.
And yet again- audiences loved some of these movies.

Pirate Radio is good entertainment, for some of the time.
But overall, if we look at the investment of talent and the result I think we have a deficit here.

It could well be that I am wrong.

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