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There's Something About Mary, directed by the Farrelly Brothers

There's Something About Mary, directed by the Farrelly Brothers

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This is one of the best comedies ever made.
It is included on the lists for best films in this genre.

The Farrelly Brothers have a strange sense of humor, but they are behind some hilarious material:

-          Dumb and Dumber, Me, Myself and Irene for example...

The cast for Something About Mary is superb:

-          Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon especially.

Cameron Diaz cannot be anyone else but...Mary.
Ben Stiller is Ted and Matt Dillon is Healy.

At the beginning, the protagonists are young and because Ted is good to her disabled brother, Mary is willing to go with him to the prom.
As he comes to take her, Ted is  stunned from the door.

Mary's father is a man who likes jokes and pranks...

-          He says with a grave voice: Mary is off to the prom with her boyfriend...
-          Is she?
-          No, I am just kidding!

Ted has to use the bathroom and while he is urinating, he appears to experience a sort of extasy.
It happens when one waits for long...

Only now it looks like something else.
He is seen with this orgasmic look on the face by Mary and her mother.

Mary was half naked and both women thought Ted was masturbating while looking at the dressing girl.
And there is worse to come.

In the desperation of trying to explain what was going on, the already confused boy makes mistake after mistake.
With the zipper of his pants he manages to place his penis in a very painful and impossible position.

It looks like a sausage trapped in the most awkward manner.
And this is not all.

To add insult to injury, Ted has to face first the father and then Mary's mother who look at what he did.
Transfixed by the view, the father invites others to see.

It is true that some have been intrigued by the loud cry that escaped when the poor boy tortured his member.
The policeman and others are appalled by what they see.

Finally, instead of the prom, the hospital is the place where Ted ends up.

After some years, he hires Healey, played with great skill by Matt Dillon.
Healey is a private detective and he is supposed to find Mary.

He does.
Only, he is too fascinated by the looks of the gorgeous Mary to let his client in on this discovery.

He sets out to make this conquest of the sexy girl.

There are a number of memorable scenes

-          The one with the electrified dog, who had to be resurrected.

-          The attacking animal, who goes for sensitive private parts.

-          The hitchhikers incident and the resulting interrogation, wherein the accused is very serene when the policemen are sure he is a mass murderer.

-          And then the hair gel placed by Mary into

Outre and hilarious!

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