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Deliverance based on the novel by James Dickey

Deliverance based on the novel by James Dickey

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Deliverance has had a tremendous impact on me.
I remember watching it at a time when I was bed ridden.

This movie is so intense, powerful and striking that it shook me.
Even if I did not raise myself from the dead, I have forgotten for one hour and a half that I was so sick.

The story itself is " a real horror show".
The original material has been included by The Modern Library on the list of Best 100 Novels of the 20th century.

The movie has received a few Academy Awards nominations.
Including for:

-          Best Film and Best Director

John Boorman was nominated for both, since he is the producer and director of this masterpiece.
The cast could not be any better.

Jon Voight is in the leading role of Ed.
This actor has been wondrous in

-          Midnight Cowboy, The Champ,  Coming Home and The Runaway Train

It seems he is strange as a person, but then he is the father of Angelina Jolie...

The other star of this movie is Burt Reynolds.
He has the role of Lewis.

The one film that I recall now with Burt Reynolds is Boogie Nights.
He was fantastic in that one and he is acting at the same level in Deliverance.

Ned Beatty does a great job as Bobby.
Lewis gathers the aforementioned three friends and Drew for a wild ride.

The Cahulawassee river will be turned into a lake.
It is therefore the last chance for white water rafting.

The problem is that only Lewis is the adventurous, fit, macho, gritty, strong and resilient type.
The others seem to be more inclined to other sports.

Indeed, when a local is discouraging this foolish plan, one of the more urbane friends says:

-          Let's go and play golf.

The natives are strange and hostile from the start.
To be facetious, I thought I have seen quite  a few of what I think is the typical Trump supporter.

Rough, uneducated, red neck, unsophisticated and I better stop here.
Two of these men of the forest will bring an early climax to this thriller.

The other hero, perhaps the main protagonist of the film is the aforementioned river.
In the first scenes, the four friends engage the rapids and up to near the end, these waters will be

-          Spectacular

Ed and Bobby make a stop and they meet two monsters.
Those wild creatures capture the two friends and tie them up.

Bobby is the first to be raped and Ed would have been the next.
We're it not for Lewis.

His skill as an athlete is demonstrated and put to good use when he uses his bow and arrows to get one of the attackers.
One molester is killed, the other one's fate will remain undetermined.

This film is extraordinary.

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