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Dead Calm, based on the novel by Charles Williams

Dead Calm, based on the novel by Charles Williams
9 out of 10

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Dead Calm is one of those very rare horror movies that I enjoy.
It is also true that I had not known it was considered horror or else I would avoid it, given I am no fan of the genre.

-          “Try to stay Calm”

This is the very good tagline.
And it is not impossible to follow the advice, for parts of the film were The Dead Calm of the ocean is the main personage.

The cast is Outstanding:

-          Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill and Billy Zane
-          This is all there is…And of course: the Magnificent Ocean

Nicole Kidman is a very interesting actress.
In this superb production, she is at her best.

In her early days, the Australian was charismatic, outré, attractive, ingenious, mysterious, exotic and creative.
Knowing about her other side does not help one enjoy her roles and she is less fascinating in my view, at least in recent years.

It is good that she is no longer associated with the outlandish “religion” of her ex-husband, but she is still strange from where I see her.

In Dead Calm she plays Rae Ingram
She is married to John Ingram, portrayed by the excellent actor- Sam Neill.

The only other player left in this intriguing drama is Hughie Warriner- Billy Zane can be terrifying in this role.
The Ocean strikes me as the other key participant, albeit bringing an inhuman participation to this marvel.

Rae and John take time off sailing in the Pacific and enjoying the majesty and dead Calm of the waters.
When they come across a survivor from a ship accident.

The “accident” in question seems to have some hidden, sinister significance and I will obviously not divulge its secret.
The couple is very sympathetic and happy to have saved a man with little hope of being rescued in the middle of nowhere.

John is off to the still floating vessel on which Hughie had sailed and in typical manner for thrillers surprises abound.
Rae is stupendous:

-          A determined, brave, inventive, gritty, strong, relentless, smart, Super and Cat coupled with Spider WOMAN!!

It is a wondrous “real horror show” to watch her.
-          She finds solutions where  I could see none
-          With escapist talent she gets out of trouble

John is a worthy partner.

He puts up a brave fight.
The film is dramatic and exceptional.

With a simple plot and without spilling gallons of blood, the effect is still phenomenal:

-          I was on the edge of the seat

And now for a quote:

“[assuming it's her husband that is washing her hair]
Rae Ingram: You know what I'd love for lunch? Fresh asparagus, then, um, pasta - angel hair pasta with heaps of basil, garlic, olive oil and, um, apple pie. Yeah. Uh, John, have you got a towel?”

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