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Caddyshack, written and directed by Harold Ramis

Caddyshack, written and directed by Harold Ramis

The legendary Bill Murray and Chevy Chase star in this comedy and that should be enough for an interesting, amusing, entertaining motion picture, which Caddyshack is.

Alas, even if there are plenty of good scenes and some experts feel this feature did not get the recognition it deserves, Bill Murray made this before reaching the Olympus, the zenith of his career- perhaps with Groundhog Day, which admittedly had a material that was ten times if not more bette than the script for Caddyshack.
The King of Comedy is Carl Spackler here and he is limited to portraying a stupid, limited, ridiculous assistant green keeper, who has to chase rodents off the golf field at this exclusive club.

More generous is the role of Al Czervik, an ignoramus, rude, impolite, uneducated, gross, outspoken, quick to offend rich man, who throws money with both hands, but who is also exactly the type of individual that the members want to keep out of the premises.
He is way too loud, most often literally- he comes to the grounds in an opulent car that has music blasting with extreme impudence - and he provokes, challenges and destroys.

He has a big boat, of which he takes command at one point, throwing multitudes in the water, since he has no idea how to steer the powerful yacht and he navigates through some of the other, much smaller vessels, finally sinking the new boat that the Judge was so proud of.
Danny Noonan is one of the caddies on the grounds, he has an affair- or was it a one night stand, taking place during the day? - when the parents come home and he is chased by the infuriated father , but welcomed by the mother who is taking a shower and would like to see the young man join her in the intimacy of the bathroom.

It probably depends on the kind of humor you like...for instance, at one point, the golf ball stops short of the hole, or better said right on the edge, causing the good team to lose a huge bet to the bad team.
But this is when silly Carl aka Bill Murray decides to blow the rodents away, with dynamite or some other explosive, creating havoc, agitation and...the precious ball to fall in the hole, as a result of the tremors provoked by the explosions...

Here you are!
You love this kind of mirth?
Then, this is the comedy to watch!

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