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The Sum of All Fears, based on the novel by Tom Clancy

The Sum of All Fears, based on the novel by Tom Clancy

In some ways, this motion picture is noteworthy, if we think of the theme that is so crucial, paramount and relevant in today's world...indeed, we could say that there is nothing more vital than the survival of mankind...well, if we think from the perspective of the multitude of species that we have extinguished and we continue to threaten with annihilation, our destruction might be the goal to aim for.

Another reason to appreciate this production would be the presence of Morgan Freeman- alas, recently caught in the MeToo scandal with allegations of indecent behavior, inappropriate demands, to say the least, questions like- do you have any underwear- if we are to believe the accusers.
Along with him, in a more important role, Ben Affleck plays the maverick hero, an analyst working for the CIA, able to help the President of the United States avoid the destruction of Russia and hence the rest of the world, or most of it.

Ben Affleck knows Russian and apparently everything there is to know about this intriguing country, their president, significant leaders, their habits, addictions and flaws.
In one early scene, the audience is impressed when Jack Ryan aka Ben Affleck is able to look at footage from television and assert that one of the key Russian figures is again drinking and he has someone near to try and prevent him from collapsing and getting defeated by alcohol.

However, he has to analyze much more serious developments very soon, as the situation in Russia becomes volatile.
This motion picture does not deal with more recent troubles created by Putin and his acolytes- like the troops in the Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, killing of Litvinenko with Plutonium and the chemical attack on another, former double agent.

The inspiration is drawn from Conflicts in regions of Russia, the attempted coup against Gorbachev and there is evidently artistic license and fiction, based on scenarios that have been and are probably even now contemplated by American and other agencies in the world.
The premise is that rogue, hard line elements in Russia want to steer the country towards a conflict with America and this in spite of the more rational, peaceful approach of the president of that country.

Alas, there is no need for hard liners to try to enter conflict outside the Kremlin today, for Putin is as "hard" and conflictual towards the West, interfering in elections, funding radicals, spreading fake news and much more.
Vladimir the New Czar is determined on a Cold War, engaging in all sorts of vicious activities, short of a hot war...for now.
In the sum of all fears, it takes all the tactical prowess and brilliant mind of the Superhero Ryan to prevent a full scale war and the god side of the Russian president, able to think a few moves ahead, anticipating what the West would do in the face of the tanks, making them understand his signals...

Well, many hardliners in America would not stop to think for long, but there is Jack Ryan to play Superman.

There are some interesting climaxes.
One, in the opening scene, seems to purport that a nuclear attack is under way, but we see in a few minutes that it is just a rehearsal, but it makes for high tension right from the start.

The other tragic event is the detonation of a nuclear bomb in an American city.

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