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Imperium, by Michael German- the story- and Daniel Ragussis, screenplay and direction

Imperium, by Michael German- the story- and Daniel Ragussis, screenplay and direction

Although Imperium is not too compelling or outstanding, the theme of the motion picture is of paramount importance, seeing as so many lunatics adhering to various abhorrent groups - from the  barbaric Islamic State to ridiculous and dangerous Celibates who have no option or whatever these Mad Men call themselves - are increasingly determined to attack kill innocent people.

They attack using knives, hired vans or trucks, bombs, machine guns - the Americans with their supposedly sacred second Amendment have a preposterous attitude towards guns- and more recently, they have reached yet another level of horror in Indonesia.
Families with children have killed Christians, loading themselves with explosives and targeting churches and killing innocent people and their own offspring, at an age when they could not discern or understand what their loathsome, despicable parents had in mind.

Daniel Radcliffe, the famous actor who tries to distance himself from the role that people associate with him, portrays Nate Foster, an FBI agent who goes undercover to wreck the campaign of the Donald...
I am just kidding, evidently, flabbergasted by the ridiculous statements made by the supposedly most powerful man in the world- an outrageous, ridiculous choice made by the people I once admired so much...the Americans.

The FBI agent tries to infiltrate radical groups, Neo Nazis - like the ones demonstrating in Charlottesville, when the same Buffon said that they are "nice people".
These extremists have managed to get radioactive material and they plan to use it.

Therefore, the hero is about to set a trap, establishing a company that is supposed to have equipment for that sensitive, dangerous substance.
Moreover, Nate Foster claims to have been in Iraq and benefited from special training, taking part in action and seeing comrades die in combat.

This has made him very upset, mad actually, and he now wants to fight along the fascist s, against Zionist conspiracies and foreigners in general.
He soon has an occasion to interfere, as the crazies are bent on attacking, hurting, maybe even killing a mixed couple and when suspected, the under cover agent points out to the cameras, the danger they were putting themselves into.

A life of a white is worth the life of thousands of n****** he says, to make his case convincing in front of the raging criminals.
They are so obsessed with their hatred that they reproach Nate that he wears Levis jeans and he has to say that he received them as a gift from his brother...

"Zionist shit?!"
Well, think about how much they have, they own so much...

The leader of the gang approves and says that the restaurant in which they are might be own by the zionists...
Even if the topic is very relevant for the world we live in, the treatment of the subject is not spectacular or unusual, for we have seen it before and one is tempted to say in better setting...

"Forget about it!"

In the words of the legendary Donnie Brasco, where Johnny Depp plays the hero, another agent hiding his identity among the mob, but in a film that is quintessential, a classic along with Goodfellas, Godfather, Casino and others.

In conclusion, Imperium is watchable, but not glorious, radiant or vibrant, and it is difficult to say if Daniel Radcliffe is not so believable in a role that requires gravitas, a certain weight and experience.

Granted, when offered this special assignment, his special ways are mentioned.

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