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Fonzy, written and directed by Isabelle Doval

Fonzy, written and directed by Isabelle Doval

Imagine having about five hundred and thirty children's!

This is the main idea in this agreeable motion picture, where the actor in the leading role, Jose Garcia - who has also contributed to the script- , is charming and talented, carrying  the story with him.
Diego is the hero and he delivers fish in Paris, without much success, as his own father remarks at one point.

However, he is a likable character, people enjoy his presence, with the exception of the Chinese money lenders.
Diego seems to have always experienced money problems and when he cannot pay back a loan, the Chinese hatchet men first threaten to drown him in the bathtub and then his father.

In order to get some money, when he was young, the hero has donated sperm to a company that had a contract with him, specifying that they will use it for research- in the domain of genetics, if the memory is correct.
This is how the film starts, with the rather helpless young protagonist, surrounded by Playboy magazines, with a cup in one hand and a frenzy movement under the table.

About twenty years later, a scandal erupts when it is discovered that the super donation was actually used to give birth to an incredible number of children and the father starts seeing some of them, albeit he is overwhelmed by this kerfuffle.
Over one hundred and fifty of the aforementioned siblings, step brothers and sisters, want to meet their common biological parent and a legal and media battle ensues.

On the one hand, Diego is protected by a Non Disclosure Agreement signed between him and the medical company that is responsible for the huge mistake.
The other perspective refers to the rights of every citizen, as apparently protected by the European Chart of some other special document, to know their origin, their parents.

As we have learned from Tump and his many legal battles, with Stormy Daniels and others involved in affairs with this philanderer, Non Disclosure Agreements are sometimes nearly impossible to ignore.
For a while, the hero is traveling around and meeting some of his numerous children- one is a bar tender, while waiting to get a part as an actor, another is a singer in a new wave band, has an interesting coiffure and does not want his father to touch it, another is disabled.

This New Age Sultan, father of so many, decides to attend a meeting of their Group- the children, young adults by now, have organized themselves, they fight in court for the right to know their father and they meet to discuss steps, tactics and strategy.
Diego has his own affable lawyer- his demeanor is unusual, in America, the profession of councilor is the most depressing, with the highest suicide and divorce rates and it probably is the most targeted by jokes.

The protagonist is suing the medical company that misused his sperm and at the final stage, he is awarded two hundred thousand euros in damages.
At the same time, considering the Non Disclosure Agreement and the right to privacy, the judge denies the group of brothers and sisters the right to know their common biological father.

This is a comedy with some good moments, and here is one:

When the lawyer comes out of the courtroom, he is assaulted by the media and he is so happy to have won- otherwise he had had no experience, no case of this magnitude- that he makes a mistake.
In the heat of the moment, he says "Diego will be happy to hear the result".

Realizing that he has just divulged the secret name, he starts making an explanation that would send people on the wrong track, but it is amusing, since false...

I love Diego, we are going to get married...I love my three children...

They are both heterosexual and this is not turning into Transparent, The Movie.
The hero has second thoughts about preserving his secret identity, even after he is mocked and ridiculed in some online forums, radio programs and talk shows...

He has even gained some European, if not international popularity...
The British call him Sperm Man and the Spanish...

El Masturbator...

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