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Mr & Mrs Adelman, written and directed by Nicolas Bedos

Mr & Mrs Adelman, written and directed by Nicolas Bedos

There are many chapters in this motion picture that covers the
Rise and the Fall of the House of Usher...

We have the love story of this young writer and his very talented and intelligent lover, soon to be wife, the various stages of their relationship and the downfall, when he does not remember who his own daughter is.

There is also an analyst that listens to the stories told by the writer on his couch and the stories make one think of some Psychological Effects.
One would be the Honeymoon Effect, which describes what happens in general, after two years into a relationship and the fact that there is a tendency to get interested in someone new, even when one is married to someone like Angelina Jolie.

There is also the Coolidge Effect- the American president was visiting a farm where his wife noticed hens having frequent intercourse with the roosters...

How many times do they do that?
Many times per day...was it more than fifty?
Tell that to Mr. President...

When President Coolidge learned about it, he asked...
Is it always the same hen?
No, it is always another.
Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge...

In his old days, the hero takes an interest in a much younger assistant, awed by his fame and celebrity.
But before that, he has a long phase during he is very jealous of his wife, that seems to go through a Benjamin Button stage, where she becomes more beautiful, while her spouse is losing hair and becomes uglier.

At a nadir, he pays for a gigolo, who is waiting for the wife, along with the husband, on her birthday.
He is the special gift.

A conflict arises, but this is also amusing, when it is not tense.
She refuses the special cadeau, but he insists and emphasizes that he paid a lot of money, he knows she is doing it anyway...

Let us have it out in the open.
You are crazy
Pablo is beautiful, young...
I am sorry but he has to go...

The dialogue goes on for a long time like that, until she says

Alright, if you insist
So you are going to do it
I said no, but you keep on with your obsession

They move to the bedroom, where the crazy, jealous husband sends the gigolo packing...

Do you think I would let you do this to my wife!?
Get lost!
Out of my house!

There are other awkward, funny, sometimes intelligent, deep, sophisticated scenes...

Once with some friends at table, the same outre hero starts talking about fantasies his wife has with the other' s spouse...

This is a provocative, interesting feature.

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