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Thelma, written and directed by Joachim Trier

Thelma, written and directed by Joachim Trier

Films with a gay story are not just mainstream and ever more present in this age, but they also explore new territory, different combinations and twists are included in the plot.

In Thelma, the protagonist is not just a girl with lesbian tendencies- in reality a lesbian, in spite of her religious torments?- but she is also a Wonder Woman, in the sense that she seems to possess Supernatural powers, moving the big chandelier at the Opera House with her energy for instance.
Thelma lives in Norway, the large country with the biggest GDP per head, until until last year, the happiest country in the world- replaced at the last poll by another Nordic country, Finland.

The heroine comes to the city to start learning at the University, but she has a deeply conservative, religious background.
When she starts having sinful, forbidden desires, the young woman prays God to save her from these temptations and chase away these marks of the devil.

The societies in the Nordic countries are the among the most liberal, open minded- indeed, they surely top the charts from this point of view and are the Most advanced- only the protagonist is not happy to notice that she is attracted to Anja, another beautiful, young female student.
The tension that is overwhelming for this innocent, but backward girl gives birth to some extraordinary, otherworldly phenomenon.

Studies have indicated that the behavior of growing teenagers, the fields measured around them - magnetic and otherwise seems to generate unusual, off the charts parameters...some have been able to move objects from a distance...see one of the films by Andrei Tarkovsky.
Thelma is torn between her affection for the handsome friend and the precepts of her faith and this gives rise to unbelievable events and forces.

As aforementioned, when they attend a performance, the huge light installation on the ceiling of the Opera House starts moving dangerously.
The heroine cannot stand the pressure and torment that caused the earth to shake, so to say, and rushes out of her seat, into the corridors of the building.

Anja arrives, they start kissing, embracing, caressing each other in a frenzy, since there is obviously a strong feeling between the two.

Is this love?

An intense attraction anyway, with very sensual scenes, Anja is touching the most vibrant inner parts of her lover, physically and spiritually.
Thelma's imagination projects some incandescent encounters, at one point, with an audience nearby.

When they are with some colleagues, some joke and pretend they gave the heroine some...heroine- no, it was not this type of drug, but some other that they claimed she is smoking.
The girl is near a sexual climax- maybe she even had one with the hot sequences that she was thinking of- but one other person tells her the truth, that there were actually no drugs, just tobacco.

Alas, the symptoms that Thelma has are bordering and then passing the line where they signal a medical condition.
And the revelation is that she had been given the wrong, that is too powerful medicine when she was a child.

From her childhood we have the terrifying moment when, perhaps out of jealousy, the girl takes away the baby siblings and hides him under a bed, where he was in grave danger.

The fact is that her father gave her the wrong medication, maybe unaware of the consequences- this viewer was given pills that were supposed to treat a disease of the lungs as a child, only for that solution to create another problem- an ulcer, but that is what they knew at the time, in the case of Thelma' s father it is not the same case.

This film has good performances and it is satisfying overall.

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