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Lost in London, written and directed by Woody Harrelson

Lost in London, written and directed by Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is a sensational, provocative, intelligent, charming, extremely talented, high up in the sky - even if he says he has not used drugs in a long time - outstanding actor.

However, the enterprise of Lost in London does not seem to take off, in spite of inside jokes, the presence of Owen Wilson and the commendable, laudable efforts of the cast.
Admittedly, this is a rather small production, without huge goals and intent on competing with The Avengers, Iron Men or Fast and Furious Drivers.

As such, a more modest feature can be rated as enjoyable and entertaining within limits.
Woody Harrelson plays himself, although there are many scenes where he is either unfamiliar to bouncers at night clubs or confused with Woody Allen- if the latter was not in jest, which it could be what was intended all along.

Early in the film, there is a tension, for the protagonist has been caught on camera as he was involved in a rather intimate moment with - was it two ? - women and this compromising photograph made the front page of a tabloid.
As the hero takes his family, wife and children to the restaurant, he is invited by the Prince to have a drink, when his spouse comes frantic from the bathroom and hits the philandering husband with a cry...

How could you?! She may have used some expletives too.

He tries to apologize, kneels, says all the kind words possible, you are my life, I am nothing without you and other words to that effect.
The Prince says that Asian women have different ways...Woody's wife is Asian.

The protagonist drives with the Prince and his party, refers to them as bodyguards and the aristocrat says that if something happens, they will throw him in front...these bodyguards.
As they arrive at this special night club, the hero lags behind, the group enters and the bouncers stop him in front...

Hey, I'm with the Prince!
What Prince?
Look, he just walked in
His name is? many princes do you have in there anyway?

So Woody Harrelson has to mention he is an actor and he starts mentioning some of his work...White Men Can't Jump, Indecent Proposal...
The bouncers do not know any of these.

Nonetheless, this is a repeated jest, a self deprecating humor that is noteworthy, especially since most of the time, it is poking fun at the acting of the star.
In some late scene, Owen Wilson pretends he was called for The People vs Larry Flynt...

For the Ed Norton part?
No, for the leading role

And the two best friends fight over this and other issues, including the picture in the tabloid that Wilson complains would affect his image too.
So he degrades the other star from "best friend" and they argue over the films of Wes Anderson, The Royal Tenenbaums in particular.

Woody Harrelson plays the amusing critic here, maintaining that the motion pictures of this director are too self conscious, too precious - was this the other word he used?

After some argument, Wes Anderson becomes Owen Wilson's best friend and later on, we notice that the hero is just a "great friend" now.

There are some good moments in the police chapter...the protagonist is hand cuffed and taken to the station, after he "broke the broken ash tray in a cab".
On the way to the police station, the hero has a long talk with the officer, learns that he has a child with special needs and invites him to bring the boy over to play with his daughters.

Learning the officer is Irish, the star mentions Bono and there are many laudatory words regarding the charity works of the rock giant, music and more...

Do you want to talk to Bono?

Without much delay, a call is put through and after some amusing lines, involving Woody talking to the wife, one Irish talks to the other, but very soon, the policeman offends the rock star, charity figure...

You sold out...
Why did you have to say that? What about the charity you mentioned and the other great things? Asks a puzzled hero...

And when he has to ask again to be allowed to return home to the spouse who is already angry with him and awaits his arrival before midnight, he asks...

Do you like Paul McCartney?

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