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Nocturnal Animals, based on the novel by Austin Wright, written and directed by Tom Ford

Nocturnal Animals, based on the novel by Austin Wright, written and directed by Tom Ford

Nocturnal Animals was nominated for a series of important awards and has won sixteen prizes…

This is a story within a story, presented with grace, in a stylish manner by the fashion designer…
Who is also a writer and a director

Tom Ford!

The splendid Amy Adams is Susan Morrow in this film
In “real life”, she is married to Armie Hammer- wonderful this year in Call Me By Your Name-aka Hutton Morrow.

One night, as Amy calls her husband who is away on business, he keeps talking about his busy day.
We see him in the company of an attractive, young woman who climbs to his hotel room, late in the night.

While on the cellular phone with his wife, Hutton tells the elevator attendant to press the floor number.
                 As they reach the said floor, the man in the lift gives the game away:

                31st miss…

                There is a long pause because Susan understood what is going on.
                However, the main show takes place in the book given to her by her ex-husband, Jake Gyllenhaal.
                The excellent actor plays two personages:

                Tony Hastings and Edward Sheffield.
                The former is the ex-husband who wrote Nocturnal Animals, dedicated to his former wife…Susan.

He used to call her a Nocturnal Animal, because she seldom sleeps…at times, she gets no sleep at all.
In the book, Edward is driving his wife, Laura, and their daughter, India- what a beautiful name.

While on the road in Texas, hoodlums start creating trouble, tail gating and finally pushing the family off the road.
The villains claim they are the injured party and they want Edward to admit to that and face consequences.

They talk about the flat tire and they offer to help, only to kidnap the mother and daughter and force Edward to drive another car.
One of the brutes takes the demolished man into the wilderness and abandons him there, returning with the leader of the gang.

Ray is a disgusting red neck, with a very violent nature and murderous instincts that determine the fate of India and Laura.
Near the middle of the film, we learn that they are brutally raped and killed, with the daughter suffering worse than her mother does.

The unique Michael Shannon- nominated for an Oscar for this performance- aka Bobby Andes is in charge of the investigation

Nevertheless, this interesting thriller is not just about making the killers pay for their abominable crime.
It is probably more about the remorse that will haunt Edward for not having tried to do more to save his family.

Granted, it is difficult to play the game of what if and chances are that he could not change the outcome of the horrible murders.
The only thing left now is to either forgive and move on or search for revenge, a payback that may be on offer.

Bobby Andes suffers from cancer and he only has one more year to live, hence he has nothing to lose.
He wants justice to be done in this case…

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