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Permaflow 22, Stories from the Commie Days and After


Permaflow 22, Stories from the Commie Days and After



Coming out of the attorney’s office, there is this tall, handsome woman talking to my German shepherd, who was sitting in the car (the dog, not the stranger) as he was used to for long periods during the day…


Cruel and sadistic, perhaps But Daryl would rather come along with me, on my many adventures than sit and wait in Sfanta Vineri.

When I went to the pool, at what is now called the Downtown Club, of alleged World Class quality, but in fact of dubious reputation, and I have been considering for two years, nay it is more since the pandemic has started, if I should return there, seeing as they have some obnoxious fellows as clients and…employees.


One of them looked from the first floor and would talk with buddies and laugh at me (one of the ‘trainers’ they encourage you to hire, they even include one free session in the membership, for which you obviously pay, and quite a lot, seeing as they have a sort of monopoly of this market) and then I would see him flirting with a rather off-putting manager, which I hope has moved in the meantime, to other pastures…

The trouble now might be connected with the boys that I have near me right now, Balzac and Puccini, the blue and gold and red and green macaws respectively, with which I spend most of my days now, even when writing, like now


They get two hours of sleep between two and four in the afternoon, they are released in the house at 10 in the morning and the spouse takes them over at about seven thirty in the evening, when she is at home.

And she is very often away, she has just left and would return late in the evening, for the scheme now is to Do Revenge and pay me back for all the philandering and going out that I have done through the years…


So what to do with the boys now, do you have any ideas?

Actually, you may, for there are few comments on our YouTube channel – incidentally, the boys and I have three videos every day, and you may wish to check them – and among them, there would be the ‘lose the birds man ‘kind of suggestion

That is not a solution and the exit might be around the hours in the morning before they wake up, as it is, I wake up a few minutes before five, get downstairs for a drink and then depart for a job at half past five or twenty to six.


Then there are about fifty minutes of exercise up to and around the Mogosoaia Park and ‘cultural Centre’, which includes the architecture and historical monument The Mogosoaia Palace, with a dreadful management.

Upon return, in summer there needs to be watering the lawn, still doing it these days in October, because there has been insufficient rain for months now, and then a sleep of about one hour and then releasing the beasts at about ten.


This could be replaced in the pie chart program of the days to come with a new subscription at the ‘world class ‘network and then cycle there at five thirty to the opening at sis, but not over the weekends



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