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Queen of Beauty, episode 4, and I am the Maharajah of Baluchistan


Queen of Beauty, episode 4, and I am the Maharajah of Baluchistan



She was talking to the dog, but I was to upset by the prospect of losing money, a lot of money, so I did not pay much attention in the first place.


Nevertheless, what about the quintessential Thin Slicing Theory explained in the magisterial Blink, the Power of Thinking Without Thinking by illuminati Malcolm Gladwell

Why was I not able to see in the first few seconds that I was standing in front of one of the most resplendent human beings alive?


There could be a few answers to that, the most pertinent perhaps being that I was (no longer, or is it still?) a fool, blind to the charms of this spectacular female and unable to see the massive, unique chance ahead.

The example of tasters comes to mind, from Blink, where there are numerous situations that explain how Thin Slicing works, from medicine to fighting wars (and the catastrophe of the aircraft carrier Vincennes is presented), to art and the kouros statues, to the leaders at the top of Fortune 500 companies.


For tasters, the job must be done in seconds, it is useless for someone to taste something and then expect some hours later to judge what they have experienced, and if we have trouble knowing if we have had Pepsi or Coca Cola in a glass, without being told, the professional tasters can tell you if the vanilla flavor from one drink comes from South America or some island in the Pacific, after the seconds it took for a sip.

Notwithstanding all that, maybe there is something else in that near miss, perhaps the woman was not all that divine, after all, and there will be plenty of arguments for that version of events in the following chapters.


Then there is The Gift of Fear, a classic of psychology, which I was not lucky to have read, but it is summarized in the marvelous 50 Psychology Classics by Tom Butler Bowden

we have a sense of danger when we find ourselves in perilous situations, as we read in the book, there is the example of the woman who had this inner alarm ringing, and when she went to the kitchen, this fellow was looking among the kitchen knives, to find one and attack her…happily, she escaped.


So was I sensing calamity, was she not that gorgeous, or was the fear of losing a lot of money, perhaps three thousand dollars, too overwhelming at that point (well, even today or at any other time) the main reason why I did not react in the first place to this attractive female, evidently available…

At least for a talk of some kind, or to punch me in the nose, but I mused over the prospect of losing money, the lawyer has just said that the document I had signed with the eejit who had wanted a loan would be good in some kind of court, but only for him to return the dollars at the official rate of exchange.


Which meant I would lose almost all, and that was so scary that I now think I could have had Mona Lisa, resurrected and exiting the most famous painting and still I would say to her ‘excuse me, but I am worried about my 3k’

On second thought, Mona Lisa is not really all that alluring and sexy, so just on her merits, it could be a no go, if she decides to show up in person, but it would still be something to catch the attention, especially if in the original costume with the famous smile and all…


However, after some of the above affected the perceptions, analysis (assuming I was able to do that, as an Angry Young Man) one or all of them would lapse and then I said to myself (probably, for much of that era is Gone Baby Gone) ‘hell, this woman was talking to your dog and said a few things to you’

You stupid fool, putain, what is wrong with you, she was not hideous, smiling and all that…get over there’


And yes, I followed in her footsteps, quickly enough to not lose sight and track of her, which if we investigate the past - as in The Daughter of Time by Josephine Fey once voted the best crime novel, where the detective debunks one of those stupid myths, and tells us that Richard III (‘now is the winter of our discontent turned into glorious summer by this son of York and all the clouds that loured upon our house, in the deep bosom of the ocean buried) was in fact no monster, but a good fellow – we realize that it must have taken only some seconds, so I should edit the above or just correct here.

I was no fool, if able to compute in seconds that yes, I will maybe, probably lose a few thousand (almost all there was really) but hey, there is Human Beauty on the street, waiting for you to come over, and…punch you in the face.

In the end, I would not lose the money, I assembled a team of mean looking fellas, friends and an uncle, and told the sob that had taken the loan and then assumed he is home free, no payback or anything that these four ferocious like types are the ones who need the money, and like Chili Palmer in Get Shorty ‘I am just the one telling him the way it is’ and so the thug paid it all back


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