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Queen of Beauty, 2, ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This’, Eurythmics - http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html


Queen of Beauty, 2, ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made of This’, Eurythmics




Meeting the Beauty Queen was both funny and tragic, for I was coming out of this lawyer’s office – and there you have it, one of the many American jokes with lawyers pops out, did you know that scientists have decided to stop experimenting with rats and use lawyers instead…this is for three reasons, one, there are not enough lab rats, two, people get attached to rats and three, there are some things, even rats won’t do – and the news had received had been very gloomy, for the loan I had given a fellow, for the massive interest he signed in a notarized document he would give on it, together with the loan itself were in jeopardy, given that he could according to the law, give me back the sum in the local currency, lei, and that would just wipe out the whole amount, considering the astronomical difference between the official rate and the real value of the local paper, and surely, he would use the official count…


This problem would be solved, in the style borrowed from Goodfellas http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/06/goodfellas-based-on-book-by-nicholas.html without the violence, I just assembled a small team that looked impressive weight –wise, and said to the fellow that this is their money we are talking about now, and he should cough up, and he did, but at the time when I met the divine Queen of Beauty I was down on my luck, thinking I will lose about half, or maybe a third of the entire capital I had had in early 1990, and did not even realize what I had in front of me

Furthermore, I had no need to stop, ask her some silly question, try to ‘pick her’ up, she was already talking to the dog parked in the car parked in front of the lawyer’s office, about 20 meters away from the Headquarters of the Police, on Victory Avenue, the oldest one in town, and this is the moment when I should write a small letter of gratitude to Daryl Van Horn (named after the Jack Nicholson character in The Witches of Eastwick, wherein his butler is named Fidel, a terrific sounding name that I have considered for a number of pets [we have had a great deal of creatures around here, from an iguana, taken to the top of the Bucegi mountains, in my spouse’s bra, to keep warm, and then left in the hotel room at cota 1400, all the way through two chameleons, five borzoi, some mutts, a couple of African Grey and some other birds, ending up with the two great macaws you can see on any of our videos posted on the blog] but this is also what Castro was called, so I am still in two minds about that, for yah, I could have a future hamster called Fidel, but then it would be in jest to some extent, mocking as well as calling him


In retrospect, I owe a lot to friend Daryl there, I was trying to figure out how come I had so much ‘success’ with a multitude of women, looking back in the past, now that I get refused even if I am there for a transactional encounter and the arrangement is based on money (recently, I went down to this place, arranged by phone, where the effort is for preliminary WhatsApp confirmation, video, or pictures, to avoid the encounter on the premises of somebody out from a Guillermo Del Toro movie http://realini.blogspot.com/2019/06/goodfellas-based-on-book-by-nicholas.html a monster or something, only this time I was the demon refused and told that it is a no go) and one reason was that magical mate


So anyway, there she was talking to my friend, who was in the car because he never wanted to stay home, so he would come along everywhere, even on a tour bus from Poiana Brasov to Mamaia, and when I had had clients in my own car, sometimes I would ask if they rather comes along, and I think I remember the Japanese Yoshiko saying she would prefer that he comes on our tour to the Slanic Prahova salt mine, if is this just imagining things…he would sit at the pool when I went there, which was daily, when not on tour…

So the plan was for Daryl to sit outside, on a patch of grass near the entrance of the then Bucuresti pool, which is now the grandiose, pompously named World Class Downtown – the thought is that I should get back there, for this is the only accessible game in town, there is the upper class Oaks country club, but even if they would get me a subscription on barter, would I have the clothes and decorum to get there daily, along with the arriviste, the big shots and the goodfellas, maybe so, it still has to be figured out, besides, is this worth it, going to mingle with fellas does wonders to our brains, we are sociable animals, but some, wrong, many, most of them can be such a pain and a struggle to tolerate.


What if I get into more tangles over say conspiracy theories men (and maybe some women and other) like years ago, when I had a hard time seeing that one after another would enter the sauna and the topic under discussion, The Twin Towers and 9/11 only to explain to me how the Americans had taken down their own people, just to start the Iraq war, which is the definition of nonsense, I mean as if the most powerful nation needs a stupid pretext for that – it is not even worth arguing about it, trying to explain, as I soon found out, looking for them to explain if all the myriad other attacks were also bogus, in nice, when that truck driver drove into a crowd and killed about one hundred people, in Germany and other places using the same model, knife attacks on London bridge, on buses in London, trains in Spain, the Bataclan, the terrorist attacks in Paris in which more than one hundred died, the list is endless, but hey, these are all fabricated for conspiracy theories, and see what that idiot Alex Jones was saying about massacres in America, and he now has to pay hundreds of millions of dollars?

So what to do, for on one hand, there is a clear need to socialize (and there are those limited encounters that take place every four or five days, then the YouTube channel where I talk to people, in that I talk and nobody really listens, or when they do for a few seconds, they hit the dislike button) and historically, Downtown was good for that, hey, we even had a Facebook created with Happiness and all that, which died after a couple of years or so, and mixed with the goons and the loons, there have been a good number of ‘very fine people’, so will the answer be in the Golden Mean of Aristotle?


Maybe the solution would be to take a subscription there again, sometime in the next few days, that was a typo, next years it should be, and try and balance it out, not go every day, as in the past, this would be nearly impossible now, for on weekends they start at 8, which is the summer hour nine, and then I could not get back in time for the boys, Puccini and Balzac…



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