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Citizen Kane written by Herman Mankiewicz, Orson Welles and directed by the latter for many critics, the greatest film of all time - 10 out of 10


Citizen Kane written by Herman Mankiewicz, Orson Welles and directed by the latter for many critics, the greatest film of all time

10 out of 10



William Randolph Hearst is the model for Citizen Kane, a media tycoon that has tried to bury what would become one of the greatest movies of all time – a good number of critics have declared it is The Best- and one that could be taken out form wherever he is (nothingness for atheists, or hell, for the true believers) and placed near Murdoch, to try and compare who has been more abominable, and inflicted more damage…


Murdoch is responsible for a lot of pain, but as it is clear for those who have read from my notes – as I put this down, with modesty I realize that they must be few, for whoever has tried this before knows better than to return, and you are anyway a very small elite, the crème de la crème of those who buy into gallows humor- I see the billionaire as mostly responsible for the rise of Trump, who could return to finish his oeuvre next year

Citizen Kane was acclaimed for the novelty, the extraordinary technique that was used in making the motion picture, in documentaries made about the film, we can see how Orson Welles and his fantastic team would carve into the floor, so that they could place the camera at an angle that would give the audiences a unique perspective…and this is not the only innovation, indeed, the film works as model for the generations that followed…


Orson Welles has been a glorious film maker, actor and story teller, you would find some fabulous stories, if you look on YouTube for his interviews, appearances on talk shows, were he tells among others, this tale: he was in Switzerland or was it The Cote D’Azur, when he met with Winston Churchill, after the latter had become such a magnificent, prominent figure, one of the most majestic men of history in fact, due to his contribution to defeating the Nazis, and the two had met each other before

Sir Winston Churchill acknowledged the film maker, and Orson Welles is grateful after that, telling the former Prime Minister that he is trying to get financing and he is happy that the man who was with him could witness the acquaintance, and following this confession, the next time they met, while the director was with his would be backer, Sir Winston Churchill stood up from the table when Welles arrived and bowed…


Alas, the creator of the motion picture considered to be the Best of All Time – and when not placed at number one, it had still been in the top five or ten, until recently at least – would have a lot of trouble with studio executives, they would not approve of his projects, their relationship has been more than tense


Orson Welles has made quite a few superb movies, such as The Magnificent Ambersons, but the studios would take the work from him and edit it, cut it to fit their purposes and we could argue that they destroyed it, the vision of the man that had made Citizen Kane would be replaced by the interference of office boys…

Herman Mankiewicz was excluded from the credits of Citizen Kane in his turn, we find that this side of the making of the film is also one of some rancor and acrimony, for Welles assigned the task of writing to Mankiewicz, and wrote a version of his own, using the material, and because there was a clause in the contract, Mank had to fight for his rights, threatening to file a complaint and eventually getting credit


For me, the greatest film of 2020 is Mank which is about the mesmerizing screenwriter, portrayed by Gary Oldman, who deserved an Oscar for this (he has one for the role of Winston Churchill) just as the whole team would have gotten one, if I had been in charge, and we see the dynamic between Mank and Welles presented, perhaps without the more intense, adversarial exchanges that might have taken place…

One aspect of Citizen Kane that strikes me now is the way the tycoon could spend his money to promote, push forward a woman that had little, or maybe no talent, Susan Alexander Kane, and that is what happens today, even in America, which used to be the ‘greatest democracy in the world’, and a place where anyone could reach the top, but mostly based on talents, skills, and not nepotism, which is rife now


The same example is to be used here, for we have an individual that would not be promoted in a company, corporation if they looked at his misbehaviors (‘you can grab women by their pussy’) Narcissistic Personality Disorder – ‘I am a very stable genius’- and took into account the multitude of ineptitudes, abuses, lies that the crook has shouted, and yet he is not just very near the most important position in the world, but even his pathetic offspring are very present on the airwaves, deplorable as they are…

Citizen Kane of this age, Murdoch, is still able to get Trump elected, just as he pushes conspiracy theories, the notion that the elections have been stolen – Fox has had to pay more than seven hundred million in damages, because they used their propaganda machine for these lies – and the world could well have this monster to thank (again) for putting us in Clear and Present Danger from 2024 and onwards


Now for a question, and invitation – maybe you have a good idea on how we could make more than a million dollars with this  – as it is, this is a unique technique, which we could promote, sell, open the Oscars show with or something and then make lots of money together, if you have the how, I have the product, I just do not know how to get the befits from it, other than the exercise per se


As for my role in the Revolution that killed Ceausescu, a smaller Mao, there it is


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