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Fight Club Screenplay by Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls http://realini.blogspot.com/2020/07/fight-club-by-chuck-palahniuk-nine-out.html - 10 out of 10


Fight Club Screenplay by Chuck Palahniuk and Jim Uhls http://realini.blogspot.com/2020/07/fight-club-by-chuck-palahniuk-nine-out.html

10 out of 10



Fight Club has become a cult movie, and we can still read about the making of it in contemporaneous articles – in Variety, one major performer was complaining that she did not get the role in the film, because Brad Pitt aka Tyler Durden in the adaptation would block her, the response was that the team had not promised anything, there had been casting, as is regularly the case and eventually someone else got the part – presumably, we are talking about Helena Bonham Carter aka Carla Singer


Since it was programmed last night again, I have watched some of it and thought that this is a challenging, dynamic, entertaining, thought provoking motion picture – you could read into the dialogue, the obsessions and give different interpretations – an attack on consumerism could be the impulsive buying of well, everything IKEA makes – incidentally, as far as I could tell, they have not been that ‘green’ here, they had bought some land in the neighborhood, but it has been used as a massive dumping ground (not by them, but still, they should be responsible owners and prevent that from happening)

Furthermore, before this property deal, there had been a small wood there, not The Yellowstone Park mind you, but still, more than a hundred trees, there was other vegetation, irises which are still growing in my garden, and on the streets of this gated community where I reside – as Anthony Quinn says in Lawrence of Arabia http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/07/lawrence-of-arabia-written-by-robert.html ‘I am a river to my people, and hence I volunteered and brought trees, plants, flowers from the fields to the blessed group of fucked up neighbors, that would show their gratitude by being morons and eejits – and all those trees and the rest of it would disappear, albeit the law prevents it


Speaking of this gated community, Fight Club was a good metaphor for it, and just as the movie (and possibly the book) is a look at the way human beings fight, show their violence – for real, or in the imagination of the narrator, for we could also go with the version where it all happens in the narrator’s head – the narrator is Edward Norton, a brilliant artist, though a difficult man to work with, Brian Cox was saying that Spike Lee had to put him (Norton) in his place on the set of The 25th Hour http://realini.blogspot.com/2020/10/84-out-of-100-for-25th-hour.html where the star was misbehaving

William Goldman http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/02/adventures-in-screen-trade-by-william.html is the author of Adventures in The Screen Trade, winner of two Oscars for the script of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and All The President’s Men, he writes about stars attitude, in one particular case, it is Robert Redford, who had convinced Goldman to work on a script about the Watergate Affair…


They had worked on Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, which had been a massive success, but when it was released and made such a splash, Redford changed his mind over another project for which he had commissioned the same Goldman…never mind, this is a new idea, and the Oscar winning writer works hard on what is a very challenging affair, he has to talk to Redford, who is producing, through an intermediary, and then the producer talks to that person, who calls Goldman, it is pretentious, inflated and silly, but then after months of trying hard to make sense of what is a complicated, nearly impossible to put in dialogue and lines from the screen script, Goldman has the worst time of his life http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/08/all-presidents-men-by-william-goldman.html

Redford calls for a meeting in New York and when William Goldman goes to his apartment, he is met by the producer, who says ‘meet Mister Carl Bernstein, he will write the screenplay’…I mean, fuck you, you made me spend so much time, out in the colossal effort for such an impossible task, and now you tell me that you put someone else on it, never mind that this is the fella that had been through the whole thing, the hero, with Bob Woodward (incidentally, Woodward will be Redford and Bernstein Dustin Hoffman in the Award Winning classic) which is not what the brilliant Goldman writes, but I did


Dustin Hoffman is another case of stardom showing off, while on the set of Marathon Man http://realini.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-marathon-man-screenplay-by-william.html first he acts like a diva when he is asked to wake up in the night and see his brother, played by Roy Scheider, then take up a flashlight – Hoffman would spend excruciatingly long time in arguing about the flashlight (we are told that this was so that he keeps his macho image with his fans) and keeping the crew, his partner waiting for his artificial, bogus pretensions, and then he mistreats Sir Lawrence Olivier on the same premises

Sir Lawrence Olivier was sick, had a supporting role, but as Goldman insists, he was a glorious actor, doing his job under duress, while Dustin Hoffman wanted to emphasize that he has the leading role, perhaps trying to get over the awe inspired by the titanic Sir Lawrence Olivier, he (Hoffman) would drag the older artist for many rounds, trying to understand this or that aspect, impervious to the illness of the aging actor


In an interview, William Goldman said that he knows only of Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood as megastars that did not care to be adored and praised, it seems that for the rest (or most, maybe those that Goldman had known) it is necessary to hear how wonderful they are, and they react in strange ways…Julia Roberts was supposed to lead the cast in Shakespeare in Love http://realini.blogspot.com/2023/08/shakespeare-in-love-by-tom-stoppard-and.html only dissatisfied that Daniel Day Lewis could not be her partner, Shakespeare, because he had already started working on In The Name of The Father, Roberts abandoned the production and then, later, Gwyneth Paltrow will take the Oscar instead



Now for a question, and invitation – maybe you have a good idea on how we could make more than a million dollars with this http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world   – as it is, this is a unique technique, which we could promote, sell, open the Oscars show with or something and then make lots of money together, if you have the how, I have the product, I just do not know how to get the befits from it, other than the exercise per se


As for my role in the Revolution that killed Ceausescu, a smaller Mao, there it is http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html  



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