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The Boors aka I Rusteghi by Carlo Goldoni http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-boors-by-carlo-goldoni.html - 8 out of 10


The Boors aka I Rusteghi by Carlo Goldoni http://realini.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-boors-by-carlo-goldoni.html

8 out of 10



The main point of this comedy seems to be that The Boors do not win, they try and raise hell, use their dominant position – we are talking about Venice, some four centuries ago – and have their wives, daughters do what they want, but somehow, the women win - being clever, they have an EQ which is generally better, and studies in psychology show that this is more important than IQ – in the days of the cave man and woman, the former would go to hunt (hence his better sense of space and orientation, I would be worried I may be Cancelled, but since I have few readers, or no audience, what to cancel) and the latter would stay with the other females and children and they have transmitted much better social skills, in a book whose title I forgot – but it is among the Fifty Psychology Classics http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/11/50-psychology-classics-by-tom-butler.html - the author compares the area in the female brain (perhaps that was the title I was looking for) with the one in the male one, and she says that it is like Chicago’s O’Hare, set against a small town’s airport…


Other than that, I must say that this, and other plays by Carlo Goldoni http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/i-pettegolezzi-delle-donne-aka-womens.html do not overwhelm me, and in fact, the above was just about all I had to say about his Boors, before I move to mine, expect perhaps that I was thinking earlier that we live (I do, I do not know about you, actually, if you are still here, among other things) in the age of the Absolute Boors, and I would just name Putin, Xi, MBS, Kim of North Korea, Trump, Maduro, Lula and Bolsanaro, the New Kid on the Block in Salvador, Bukele

However, to say that these goodfellas (and many others like them, the list is so long, it would replace the note, with just those that are quite relevant, with their positions of power, they can and do abuse so many, a few of them actually can blow up the world, and they really threaten us with it) have a monopoly is neither fair, nor accurate, since Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and the like have been more than boors, worse is the word


Then there are the ‘smaller’ Boors, the ones we encounter on the roads – and hence the road rage – in many (or most) places, such as the sauna this and most other mornings, someone called Habib, or something similar, albeit this could just be a nickname, Habibi is something like dear, as far as I can remember – I used to have clients from the Middle east, and learned more Hebrew, and some words of Arabic, like yalla, imshi, wahad, Alhamdulillah, Insha’Allah, etc. – his origin is in the Gulf, or Syria, but he has been living here for years.

The fella does not care for the rules, those of the club, or the more basic ones, such as those explained in Influence http://realini.blogspot.com/2013/10/influence-science-and-practice-graphic.html the classic of psychology by brilliant Robert Cialdini – there is for instance the rule of Social Acceptance


We could use it as ‘when in Rome, do what the Romans do’, that is if you care for Social Acceptance, which this Habib does not, he sees many pairs of slippers at the entrance of the sauna, which means for anybody that they should do the same, and not walk inside with their feet covered in plastic (it says so on the guidelines posted on the wall, if you are literate, you could read) but the man from the desert does not care, and furthermore, once inside, he pours half the bucket of water on the stove, regardless of the burning head and body of those who do not wish to die in a fire, just because he can, he will do it

Then there is this other ghoul I have mentioned already, the one that tells you communism was a good thing – if not directly, then you can use logic, for he has had running water, food, lived in the center of the city, and the conclusion is that anybody could, if they had been smart enough – he has some of the ‘good education’ from back then, and so he uses the towels to wipe the soles of the shoes he may use to step into a Mercedes SUV, out of the club…yesterday, he pleaded for…Trump and absent globalists


He tried to explain that his favorite had won the elections, only I had been down this path before (the orange monkey has fans all around the globe) and have no desire to hear nonsense, early in the morning, or at any time, and thus I stepped out of the sauna, without allowing him to continue with the conspiracy theory, displaying some good old Stalinist arguments, who knows what, I do not care to see him anymore

This Caro place, where we are forced to migrate because the Radisson is being embellished (presumably, their credibility is near zero now, so may go back to find things have not improved, and what I do now is actually wise, for the rule is ‘lower your expectations’) for some months that means we seek joy elsewhere, so this Caro club has some real wingbats, the other Boor is this savvy trainer…


He is not savvy and no trainer either, but he may be trying to make some money by stealing clients from the official trainers of the club…some days back, he starts a shouting conversation with one of his pals (the latter does drive a Merc SUV) in which he says that ‘those who had voted for the present mayor, Nicusor Dan, have to felate’, blow job ‘and I did not challenge him right away, I was on the way home, but the next day, this Boor is there and I tell him that I voted with the mayor and this means I am insulted.

As Boors do, he does not say sorry, even states that ‘he does not regret saying it’, but then the former mayor had given him some vouchers or something, money in other words, and this means that we need to vote with the woman (she was that, indeed, she still is for all I know) because she takes care of her ‘political clientele’ so we have a few examples of Boors, that all use the same premieses…



Now for a question, and invitation – maybe you have a good idea on how we could make more than a million dollars with this http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/02/unique-in-world.html?q=unique+in+the+world    – as it is, this is a unique technique, which we could promote, sell, open the Oscars show with or something and then make lots of money together, if you have the how, I have the product, I just do not know how to get the befits from it, other than the exercise per se


As for my role in the Revolution that killed Ceausescu, a smaller Mao, there it is http://realini.blogspot.com/2022/03/realini-in-newsweek-participant-in.html



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