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The Last of The Mohicans based on the book by Fenimore Cooper - 9 out of 10


                            The Last of The Mohicans based on the book by Fenimore Cooper

9 out of 10



This note is not really about the film or the book, instead, i would surely ramble off the topic, and muse over connected, or remote ideas - let us just say that i liked reading about Mohicans, apaches, Native Americans in general (though we had no idea about the term, when i was into those books) nd enjoyed the screen adaptation (how could one dislike it, seeing the subject, the cast, in particlar the mesmerizing Daniel Day Lewis, with his three Oscars, and Method Acting manner, which has recently come on the radar again, and Brian Cox mentioned Daniel Day Lewis with respect, but also to emphasize that he has ‚burned out’ at the tender age of fifty or so, criticizing this attitude, which indeed does take a toll on artists...i wonder what Denis Diderot would have said about all this, he had a view on acting, which i understand is studied in university – at least in this realm – trying to see if it is better to ‚put your heart into it, or stay dettached when rendering a line or more...


Denis Diderot was using the example of freinds, who are very excited, passionate, intoxicated and inetense when they try and tell a story, near the fireplace, but their implication, the heart they put into it does not make the recital, story telling any better, on the contrary, there is mumbling, indistinct rendering and very, or most often shouting, which is supposed to make us see better the happening, feel the instensity, but the result is we are baffled, annoyed, amused when we are supposed to be horrified, and the list is long...thus the conclusion is that we need ‚professionals’, but those who are dettached, use their brains, not their other organs, they do not have to ‚feel they are in the role’

This is very often happening, indeed, i have stopped going at the theater quite a number of years back, becaseu most of the local celebrities (should i say actors, surely, in fact there are quite a few spledid ones, and a few come to the Downtown Club, and we see them) had taken to screaming and over reacting, taking the whole thing over the top; one of the glorified stars (she was in The Passion of the Christ) is there, one of the representatives of this affected, pretentious, supposedly intens, but just load and averbearing styule of putting audiences off, i am not going to look at antyhing produced by these amateurs


So the question might be where Method acting stands, to me it sounds like an exaggaeration, however respelendent the effcts can be, such a in My Left Foot, for which, like any serious Method Actor, Daniel Day Lewis had to do things with His Left Foot, becaseu the hero of the movie is a painter that would become famous and appreciated, but he could only use that memebr, nothing else


Still more worrying would be the moral issues, if it is an effort to get fat, such as De Niro for Ragging Bull, and we have many other cases, and get the test of the psysical transformation, then what about the sliding into the mind of mosnters (such as Monster with Charleze Theron in an Oscar Winning Role, for which she phisically had to be somebody else...these days, she says she would not gain 20 pounds or so for a role, becasue you cannot get them off anymore, i guess it has to do with age, what is she now, approaching fifty)

It is one thing to lose weight, after playing an obese fellow – there is always the prostethic solution, but we talk Method acting now – but what if you really go crazy – Jeremy Strong was apparently ‚becoming the deranged son of the Logan emperor (based on Murdoch, Trump and other villains presumably) on the set, annoying the actor playing his father


I am an admirer of Aldous Huxley, whose Brave New World is inlcuded by The Modern Libary in its top ten novels, Chrome Yellow is another gem, but it is in Point Counter Point that i think (i am not sure, but it could be checked if one is bothered...i am not, becaseu i do not think you are still here, i feel You are a mirage, the readr that goes past the few lines, and then there are just a handful that even touch on those first lines, it is not that people should read this, it is for AI, Artificial Intelligence, which will have the capacity to go through, well, everything written under the sun and in other galaxies, in nano seconds) that we have this inetersting character, an actress that was very famous...

At one point, she disappears, and freinds do not know what has happpppend to her, she had taken a role, one of a maid, or some other uneducated profession (sorry, this would get be cancelled, but then i am rthat a priori, nobody reads, ergo, canceled ahead of reading) and she had been on stage, but then when people went to her house, some servant would open, always, and the actress could not be reached


It was becaseu the female actor – this is what we call it today – had become the woman she played on stage, the Ultimate Method Acting, and when people were talking to this employee at the door, they were in fact addressing the actress, only she had changed her voise, the edcuated ,manner had given way to something unrecognizable, Cockney, who knows – in fact, the reader who has agood memory does

From The Hermitage we find that ‘Fiction's people are fuller, deeper, cleverer, more moving than those in real life…Its actions are more intricate, illuminating, noble, profound…There are many more dramas, climaxes, romantic fulfillment, twists, turns, gratified resolutions…Unlike reality, all of this you can experience without leaving the house or even getting out of bed…What's more, books are a form of intelligent human greatness, as stories are a higher order of sense…As random life is to destiny, so stories are to great authors, who provided us with some of the highest pleasures and the most wonderful mystifications we can find…Few stories are greater than Anna Karenina, that wise epic by an often foolish author…’



Now for a question, and invitation – maybe you have a good idea on how we could make more than a million dollars with this    – as it is, this is a unique technique, which we could promote, sell, open the Oscars show with or something and then make lots of money together, if you have the how, I have the product, I just do not know how to get the befits from it, other than the exercise per se


As for my role in the Revolution that killed Ceausescu, a smaller Mao, there it is 



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