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Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell - 10 out of 10


Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell

10 out of 10



In the August 10, 2023 edition of The Economist, there is an article on George Orwell, his popularity, which is strong in this age, and the gruesome side of the author, that could result in fewer people reading him in the future, if Cancel culture and other elements are factored in, and we find about the women in the life of the great thinker but flawed human being, who appeared to act as a predator at times.


One of his wives has this moment, when she is knee-deep in feces, and George Orwell is at the door, asking ‘if this is not tea time’- she has been taking care of him, earning a living for the both of them, and at the same time, the man had been unfaithful, before and after their matrimony, ‘jumping’ on any female that came his way, showing us a side that is so abominable, if it were not quite common alas…

Intellectuals by the marvelous Paul Johnson looks at the lives of the most astonishing minds, Leo Tolstoy, Henrik Ibsen, Ernest Hemingway, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the result is a long list of abuses, pain inflicted on others, family, friends and foes – Leo Tolstoy had had this quarrel (dispute, whatever it was) with Ivan Turgenev (one of the most astounding writers himself, one of my favorites, and as far as I can tell, a wondrous mind and a noble man) and would not write, not make any concession, even when Turgenev was dying


Furthermore, if Ivan Turgenev had legalized the status of children (maybe it was just one, but never mind) Leo Tolstoy had not had that grace, and there is more…Jean-Jacques Rousseau had abandoned his children at the door of the orphanage, in an age when nine out of ten died in that position – granted, those where not centuries of extended life expectancy, but still, he was quite a figure, don’t you think so…and there is more ‘dirt’, for he was quite vicious in his relationship with the beautiful minds of the time, he had a dispute that was intense, though I forgot the other luminary’s name – so it is a complex situation

In a way, or more than one, it makes sense, for God or Nature had given one individual much more than to the rest, but then there is a balance, one could not be perfect, and if he, she or they have so much brains, then they have less of a heart…the example of Oppenheimer comes to mind, because it is such a magnificent movie, and then we have one of the smartest men in history, involved in the Manhattan Project, leading it and facing such apocalyptic results, he quotes ‘ I have become Death, destroyer of worlds’

Speaking of destroyed worlds, George Orwell has written about Armageddon, Big Brother – he has been criticized for his portrayal of women, the heroine of Nineteen Eighty-Four is depicted as nymphomaniac – the tyranny of one man, double speak, and we have to give it to him, quite a number of predictions have been proved accurate, it is also true that he had models to look at, including Stalin, who inspired Big Brother


The descendant of Stalin is a similar eejit, one Putin, a spy with the KGB who shows his pedigree, the ‘education’ he received in the most abject way, he has attacked Ukraine (and before that, Georgia) and used the double think, claiming that Ukraine could not exist, it is led by neo Nazis, when in fact double speak has this quality, it is both true and a lie, the accusations are correct, when used for…Putin

He is the Big Brother, and not the only one, dictators are somehow on the rise, even small Salvador has a would be dictator, Bukele (I am not sure this is how you write it, but could not be bothered to check) that is…extremely popular, with eighty or ninety percent approval rates, which might mean that propaganda works, brain washed folks do not know what they vote for, and the new means to spread alternative facts’ are effective


‘Manuel, let me explain’ this is what Basil Fawlty aka John Cleese says in Fawlty Towers  in my book, the best comedy series ever, and we have this kind of adjectival, hideous kinky behavior in real life, as I have mentioned the other day

At the sauna, at the Radisson or Caro hotels, you have individuals that use the ‘double speak’ and try to ‘explain’, one was very active in his apology of Putin, though it is so absurd and disgusting – the goodfella was complaining that realtors call his phone for the land he has in a very expensive part of the city (actually, it might have been in Voluntari, right outside, where he gets even more millions for it)


To try and make this doctor – he is not just a doctor, but apparently, the head of the Union at one of the major hospitals of the capital, a position that had presumably allowed for a lot of baksheesh, to justify the wealth he proclaims, for the salaries of physicians had been paltry, and still do not explain lavish properties – understand, it might be useful to paint this picture, with a Russian tank coming through his fence, never mind a bothersome phone call, or many, and the invader asking for the other addresses, so that they can go there and loot, take possession of all he has, what would he think then?

Granted, these were collaborators, pramatii that had used the previous regime to prosper – another such relic was also speaking about the apartment he had had in the center, running hot water all the time and food to eat – he clearly did not care about the rest of us, who had not had those privileges – and then tried to sell the Trump won the elections narrative, but as Plesu said ‘you do not talk with the Boors’


Now for a question, and invitation – maybe you have a good idea on how we could make more than a million dollars with this   – as it is, this is a unique technique, which we could promote, sell, open the Oscars show with or something and then make lots of money together, if you have the how, I have the product, I just do not know how to get the befits from it, other than the exercise per se


As for my role in the Revolution that killed Ceausescu, a smaller Mao, there it is


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